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Getting ready for the B- day
30 Replies
nestly - October 2

Every expectant mothers like me are very much excited for the baby's arrival. It's my first time to experience such first time arrival. I just want to asked some tips of what are the necessary things I need to prepare during this big day?


Hope - October 2

Hi! Well, it's very much an exciting part.I know because I've been there too. As your pregnancy progresses, you will be making all sorts of preparations, setting up your home and arranging your own routines and support networks.These are just the few things you need for the big day to come. Good luck!


Yonnie - October 2

As for me, as early as seventh month, I already packed all the special items i will need for my baby and me.I place together with my husband a suitcase in prominent place and inform others what are these for. i also prepared a check-list of the different items I soon may need.


Melchie - October 2

Wow! It's such an exciting part. I remember, one of the big decisions me and my husband were having before when we were expecting the arrival of our first baby is that where we want our baby to be born, either in general hospital, maternity hospital or at home.


sonnia - October 2

Yap! It's one of the most exciting experience I've ever experienced. And I did not wait until the end of my pregnancy to get all the things that my newborn needs. For me rushing at the last minute won't be pleasant. It's true and I agree that as mothers, we need to try to have everything ready by the end of the seventh month.


Yvonne - October 2

that's definitely right. For me, getting everything ready before the baby's arrival is the best thing I need to do.I hate failures and being panic is a sign of failures, right? So, make things ready gives me an assurance that everything would be turning out well.


Nania - October 2

My husband is more excited about the preparations during the big day than me. Everyday, when he arrived home from work he has something for our baby.He always whispered to my tummy about how excited he is to be finally having all these presents during our baby's arrival.well, I just smiled knowing my baby is so lucky to have him as a father.


kate - October 2

Yes, I agree. For me, I'm also checking every thing I'll be needed during my delivery. me and my husband already have our baby's name.We both are very excited and happy for the coming of our precious one.


Jincki - October 4

A 1st timer mother have so much preparation for the coming of the baby, all the materials have to check out so that there's nothing be left during the delivery time.
But sometimes the most important thing is forgotten...PRAYER!


Zetha - October 4

Oh! it's a great thing! Your right, Jincki, the most precious thing that one can do is to pray, ask God for His divine providence , and He would shower you His blessing and everything is well done with His guidance.
Whatever we do let us put God first.!!!


Amylita - October 4

Getting ready for the coming of the baby,is what we may call a big day for the parents, the coming of the other member of the family, it must be in Godly preparation.
The whole family must be focus to the will of God so that all things are in line to His Will and be blessed by Him.


Judy Ann - October 4

You have to prepare, first of all yourself, prepare yourself in the coming of your own child, prepare to be a good mother and how to do the way of becoming a good wife!Prepare yourself in making the budget of time for you to give attention for your husband and for your child.


Zandre - October 4

Ready get set Go!, as what we hear during athletics, yes we have to be ready in the coming of our dearly child, we have to be ready for his needs and everything that is to be ready.All the things,all the materials needed and if it is ready ,you can say to yourself, "All are set now."
Thanks God!!!


Jessica - October 8

When me and my husband Tom married in 2005,to have immediately a baby is our first priority. But unfortunately,I was pregnant only last March. Now, were very much excited to have finally see our baby nest month. Nov 16 is the Big day! We can't really wait!


Ella - October 8

It's indeed a very nice feeling. Hi! I'm Ella. I consider myself now as a picture of a very contentment woman and a future mother as I awaits the coming of my baby girl. No such emotion could ever compare of being so excited for her coming. We have prepared everything already..were very much ready to welcome her into this world.


Bebie - October 8

Yes! no such wonderful feeling could ever compare for the coming of our precious ones. Congratulations..wishing us all to have a safe and healthy delivery!


bright - October 10

Excited envelope in my heart if only it will come out instantly so I can hold the baby in my arms, I already buy clothes for the baby, I prepared all the possible things that will be used.



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