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Getting ready for the B- day
30 Replies
bright - October 10

Excited envelope in my heart if only it will come out instantly so I can hold the baby in my arms, I already buy clothes for the baby, I prepared all the possible things that will be used.


Stella - October 10

I'm very much happy and excited thinking that I'll be seeing my baby girl next month.Excited to see which of me and her dad she would be look a like. We already prepared all the needed things we'll be needing during my delivery. Hope and pray everything will turn out realy fine for my baby and me.


MAXXY - October 16

I've been happy since I got pregnant and every day I caress my stomach and gently say some words of encouragement.


Lipstick - October 16

Hey! I've prepared my self in doing the works of a mother and study some important things that must do.I'm so happy for being a pregnant woman.


Pressy - October 16

As what was expected, our baby is a boy and it makes us happy that my husband and I don't like to leave our child whenever he is awake. As if the baby can recognize us we keep on talking and talking to him.
And we make a list of who will be the sponsors in his baptism. We prepare all the needed preparations for our baby.


plantrees - October 16

In preparation for the coming of our baby,we plant trees for him to be use in the near future. We plan the right to care for the baby and above all I plan to breastfeed the baby, so it can have the prevention for any illnesses.


Kate - October 16

Everything should be ready. I can't wait to deliver and see my baby actually. Me and my husband already visited the hospital and even checked their facilities, then we even had a name for our baby girl, FIONAH MAE! She already has her baby room..well of course we painted it pink. Ah! to become parents is really exciting. I'm happy to have been able to experience this feeling. Thanks to the man above.


MIchelle - October 16

For us we already prepared everything also..from the small stuff to bigger ones. It's nice to have everything prepared for just to make sure the coming of our baby will be smooth sailing and okey.


Wenha - October 16

the parents are busy in the preparation of the coming of the baby and so also included the preparation of how to support its needs.


paperart - October 16

Preparations for the coming of the additional members of the family,are so many to face of, but don't panic in so doing because it is a normal way that the expenses would be heighten. Remember always that God allows these things to happen so for this coming of the additional members of our family must be lift up to Him,who knows everything.


MSEP 6 - October 16

Getting ready for the coming of the baby is to prepare ourselves in any adjustment of time and recreation. The parents must be aware of this, nowadays that the helpers are not easy to be found, so the mother or the father must the one who can take care of the baby in their availability of time.


Argyelle - October 16

Hi! I'm with the idea of MSEP 6, yes it's true that the baby must be given an attention, we can't disregard of this fact,but if there's a problem there's a solution for this problem. If both parents have work for the daily needs then, it is advisable that we hire a nanny for our baby but if we can't find, so either the mother or the father must be left behind to take care of the baby.


Grace - October 17

Yes, we're very much prepared for the coming of our little darling.. everyday, is such a wonderful and exciting day for her coming. We had a countdown,he!he!


Dayne - October 17

When I know that I'm already pregnant for over six years of waiting, I make sure for my baby's coming, everything will be in order. I pray for this moment to come that's why every moment counts and I don't want anything ruin such precious moment that i will soon be having with my baby.


Lolah - October 31

To be able to finally hold my baby in my arms is such an exciting and wonderful feeling. Getting ready for my baby's big day is something we look forward to. I guess, I'm not alone because my husband is also too excited than myself.he!he!



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