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Good Foods For Pregnant Women
27 Replies
Hannah - August 22

If you are like many pregnant women, vowed to eat healthier the minute you found out you were expecting. Eat more calcium-rich foods, get more protein and cut out the caffeine and junk food.


Joy - August 24

The best gift a mother can give to her baby is a good start in life. For optimum nutrition, consume foods rich in folate, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. Folate can be found in green leafy vegetables.During the course of pregnancy, you and your baby require energy and nutrients.Thus, this should not be the time to try to lose weight or go on a diet. Good nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy.


Alice - August 25

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals, providing fiber for roughage. In particular, fruits and vegetables contains B vitamins,vitamin C and vitamin E.They also contain minerals, which include Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium, among others.


Agnes - October 28

As pregnant, I'm very much particular with what I eat.I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables because I want to give my baby the necessary nutrients and minerals that she or he needs.


Daphne - October 28

I know that my baby greatly depends on me. That's why I want to give my baby only the best. I drink milk early in the morning and before bed time. I eat all different kinds of fresh foods and avoid those foods with preservatives because I know it's not good for my baby.


Kaye - October 28

As pregnant mother, fish is one of my favorite food to eat. But since not all fish are good for pregnant women, I'm also very picky in terms of what kind of fish is really good for me and for my baby. Some fish according to the experts have high level of mercury that is too dangerous for the pregnant mother like me to have. That's why i avoided it.


Liza - October 28

I have this food pyramid that serves as my guide on what foods that's good for my condition being pregnant.Those foods that has no side effects, I sure would love eating it very much.Anyway, it's not really for me but for my baby.


Fionah - October 28

Foods that's lots of vitamins and minerals is what I want to give my baby in the womb. I want him or her to grow strong and active..that's why I want to give my baby the good and healthy start in life.


Beth - October 28

I'm not choosy with foods to eat as long as I know it's good for me and to the baby I'm having. But as of now, I'm very much into fruits and vegetable salads.I craved for it a lot.


Motherly - October 28

I don't like that my baby might become sickly as it grows up, so what I did of my 4 children who are now in high school I eat foods with high in calcium and foods which has more protein.


behealthy - October 28

Pregnant woman must be aware of what kinds of foods which are needed to the body, those foods with hi-in-calcium and have more protein.But beware eating junk foods and drinking caffeine.


5fingers - October 28

Foods which have nutrients are favorable to those pregnant woman and mostly for them are those foods which are hi-calcium,and foods which have more protein.


Late2 - October 28

I am pregnant but I don't like to eat vegetables, I like fruits but not all fruits I am choosy of my foods , Are there vitamins that I can take as a replacement for those vegetables and fruits which I don't like to eat?


Kneena - October 28

There are vitamins which can be taken so to make the body physically healthy and strong and can endure any illnesses.


Fallcel - October 28

Good foods for pregnant woman is very advisable so that the fetus inside the womb can sustain any illness that might struck.


Rawenah - October 28

Pregnant woman may be aware of the side effects that can be done by eating the right foods or eating the foods which are called junk foods, the right foods can give to the baby and to the mother physically strong and can sustain any illnesses while the junk foods can give bad side effects to the baby and to the mother,physically side effects as well as mentally side effects.


Odlaremse - October 29

Good foods are needed by pregnant woman during her pregnancy period.It is also for the baby while it develops inside the womb. Good food can make the mother and the baby strong and healthy.



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