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Good Foods For Pregnant Women
27 Replies
Odlaremse - October 29

Good foods are needed by pregnant woman during her pregnancy period.It is also for the baby while it develops inside the womb. Good food can make the mother and the baby strong and healthy.


Eca - October 29

A pregnant woman must know the good balance diet for her to become physically healthy,with good development of the fetus inside the womb,and the result we are going to have a healthy baby.


Gnige - October 29

It doesn't matter if the foods are expensive or not, but what matters most is it is nutritious, and a fitted foods for the pregnant mother, and do some exercises also fitted for the pregnancy.


Innavaoig - October 29

There's nothing that can surpass the fruits and vegetables coupled by fish and simple exercises, one can have already a nutritious foods/good foods.


Telem - October 29

Eat only foods comes from natural ingredients, nowadays the preservatives are reigning everywhere and the present generation are sympathizing this product but be aware, pregnant woman, cause it is not advisable for you,don't go to the flow of the current.
You are going to regret it if you participate the so called the TREND of the present time.


TheLordispower - October 29

A plant in order to bloom it must be given extra care and be given good fertilizer. It is compared to the pregnant woman that in order to become healthy she must be treated with love and be given a good balance diet.


healthiswealth - October 29

Our health is our precious treasure, so we must not take this gift as taken for granted, so much to those pregnant women, they are the special creation of our God,without them, man can not be multiplied, their body is so special that God made them to be.


Cecelie - October 29

For me, I make sure that I eat a well-balnced diet, including a vitamin supplement that contains folic acid. I believed that it's good for me and for my baby.


Kissy - October 29

Yes, folic acid is definitely good for us pregnant women. That's why for me,I eat green leafy vegetables because it has a natural sources of folic acid. I also love to eat nuts, beans and citrus fruits. These are also good foods for pregnancy.


Karren - October 29

Well, calcium and iron are also especially important during pregnancy.I make sure that I get enough of calcium so that I can be able to prevent myself from losing my own bone density as my fetus uses the mineral I have for it's own bone growth also.


Meldy - October 29

Good nutrition is really another crucial step in having a pregnant mother like me to have a healthy baby.It's extremely important even before pregnancy how much more if a woman is pregnant already.


Lowella - October 29

Yap! For me, as pregnant mother, I very much need to have a balance diet complete with protein,fruits, vegetables and whole grains-and of course having a minimum of sweets and fats.



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