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Good Posture
25 Replies
Beverly - August 24

Good posture is just as important as antenatal exercises in maintaining your overall well-being. Adopting the correct posture during your pregnancy is important to reduce the risk of back injuries. Make sure you stand up straight. Bend your legs instead of your back when picking up or lifting things. avoid high-heeled shoes and prolonged standing.


Mitch - August 25

When sitting down, sit up straight on a chair that supports your back well. Use a pillow if necessary to further support your back.When getting up, roll onto your side and your arms to push yourself up. This will help prevent straining your back and abdominal muscles.In picking up objects, squat down. Use your leg muscles and keep your back straight.


Badidid - August 28

Good posture is important to all pregnant women.
It must be coupled by a nice facial expression.
Straightened the body always.Aim to look nice everyday!


ricketss - September 9

during my pregnancy i try my best to straighten my body it can help a lot when you are in your mind to look good. something that others may give a nice comments about you. Good posture can uplift our dignity.


snoopy - September 9

do want to look good even if you are pregnant? then think high of your self as if you are walking on a stage where others looking up of you.don't picture out a miserable look. Good posture can help also to have a confident feeling within yourself.


dueggie - September 9

ricketts and snoopy, i got an idea about good posture, what you share is a nice knowledge for us who have simple thoughts about pregnancy.
i may change my image during my pregnancy so i can show to my friends that being pregnant is also a fashion through having a good posture.thank you and more power to you all and also the organizer of this forums.


mhyrrha - September 9

there's a saying that a things of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. for me a good posture of a woman is when she knows how to bring herself during her pregnancy period. i admire a woman who can hold herself during her pregnancy period with a dignified personality through good posture and has a nice attitude.


nedyx - September 12

good posture of a pregnant woman is intolerable. one must be in a right position,the tummy of a pregnant woman will grow bigger and bigger till delivery,it can not be denied, is it? and the woman of course,is turning her back to the normal shape and then facing the reality. good posture can be achieve through practice


frexie - September 12

do you want to look sexy even though your pregnant? then be it, have a good posture, love your personality, and take note of it always so you can hit the target.


fretz - September 18

I know to have good posture is important. But it's hard for me to have it before I'm not yet pregnant how much more now that I'm already 6 months pregnant.. when i tried to stand straight, it pains my back more. So, i just do the usual, the posture i feel I'm comfortable at. Who cares of having good posture if you're not comfortable,anyway..


monique - September 18

I see your point there fretz. I agree! A good posture for me also is the posture you are already used of doing before your not yet pregnant. To look sexy even your pregnant matters a lot if it's what you feel of doing. But if it's not, then, other people would find you very funny..for being so trying hard. Just be yourself! and Be proud of it!


Kindly - September 26

I have seen a woman who is pregnant whose tummy is fashionably visible to the crowd,she even has a tattoo on it. She is has a full stomach of doing it. But even if she is good to look at but for me I can't dare to be that fashion, sorry! it is not my type to be a daring person. But she's looking good.


Yasmin - September 26

I like to be on style also even if I'm pregnant.But what kindly is describing is way ohh soo sexy! It's like the famous Britney Spears during her preggy days. Well, on my part, I don't have the guts also to have that preggy fashion sense. It's a no way for me.


Kia - September 26

A pleasant day to all of you guys.In my own opinion, to have a good posture is important to have and maintain a good well-being.I'm in my 5th months of pregnancy and ..proper posture means a lot to me.I make sure I stand straight, and walk properly. Pregnancy is really not a hindrance to maintain a proper posture. Just make it a habit.


jovanne - September 27

Good posture can be gotten through daily exercise and one must have a determination of having it.One must stand up high, so that other people around will look with respect.


tovy - September 27

Look yourself at the mirror, if you crouch yourself then improve it through an effort of straighten your body, up...up...up...ouch!, try it for a few seconds,then another count, then in the next day,EVERYDAY you must do it, but with good determination. through patience and self control you can have anew you.Gain good posture, Mom!!


birdie - October 2

Having good posture can gain respect. So being pregnant I am proud to say that I am given respect by my friends and to the other people around, and the source of this is for my being good posture added by having a nice disposition.
If you want to be respective , just show respect to yourself and to others.Smile!!



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