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Good Posture
25 Replies
birdie - October 2

Having good posture can gain respect. So being pregnant I am proud to say that I am given respect by my friends and to the other people around, and the source of this is for my being good posture added by having a nice disposition.
If you want to be respective , just show respect to yourself and to others.Smile!!


lovely day - October 2

take care of yourself and do some exercises that can help in making the physical body fit,have a determination to have a good posture most specially if you are a pregnant.


dianne - October 2

try to stand up straight and look yourself to the mirror then compare yourself while sagging your body which of which you like?
Good posture is nice to look at. and much to become a leader even if you are a pregnant woman.


margarettie - October 2

I have seen a pregnant woman whose body looks like she is a hunchback. I pity on her physical appearance, but she said she doesn't like to stand straight because it is very hard for her to do so. She is not in good posture and she is monitored every other day by her physician.


Sweety - October 2

I am very thankful of my mother's legacy, to have a disposition in making our physically healthy in order not to easily stricken by illness.Good posture is her foremost legacy.


madeiline - October 2

exercise is good to our bodies and this can also help us in making good posture,it is also make our baby inside our womb to be healthy too.
why not determine to have in good posture?


ellen - October 2

To have a good posture for me, starts with proper way of sitting, walking and even lying down.I make sure that I have some objects or things that supports my body.I always avoid slouching also.


Luche - October 2

I practiced good posture even before I'm not yet pregnant because it's necessary and it's important.


nasly - November 6

Good posture is proper for us pregnant women. I make sure that i have it so that i can also prevent backaches and pains.


restlie - November 6

It's really a good idea to have a proper posture and one of the best thing to have it is to have a regular form of exercise it surely would help you also to maintain a healthy pregnancy.



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