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Healthy Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby
30 Replies
Jamille - August 30

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had friends who were also expecting. We would get together once a week and, over milkshakes, compare our growing bellies and laugh our big maternity pants. We would also share our fears. Together we obsessed about nearly everything that could go wrong in the forty weeks of pregnancy. Can I handle another child? And the big one: will my baby be healthy?


Daffodil - August 30

Worries and pregnancy seem to go hand in hand. Fortunately, however, most women of childbearing age are healthy and most pregnancies are considered "low-risk". For most women, the surest way to have a healthy baby is to live a healthy lifestyle.


Rosemarie - August 30

Well, you must get early prenatal care, even before you're pregnant. Eat well-balanced diet, including a vitamin supplement that contains folic acid. Exercise regularly with your doctor's permission. Avoid alcohol, cigarette and illicit drugs, and limit caffeine. Avoid x-rays, hot tubs, and saunas and most of all, avoid infections.


Richabelle - August 30

The best start to having a healthy baby is to see your health-care provider before you conceive. There are lots of things you can do ahead of time. You can make sure you are immune to rubella{the German measles}; you can know your blood type; you can stop smoking and make sure your diet is healthy; and you can't get any illnesses and you might have under control.


Liezle - August 30

Once your pregnant, your health professional-either on obstetrician, family practitioner, nurse-practitioner, or nurse-midwife will have to begin with monthly visit,that increase to once a week or more at the end. Each visit, the physician or nurse will perform a series of examinations and tests to determine the health of a mother and baby.


Fortune - August 30

Good nutrition is another crucial step in having a healthy baby. A pregnancy takes about 300 extra calories a day to maintain, and an average-sized woman can expect to gain between 25 to 35 pounds overall. Those extra calories should be nutritious ones,however. A pregnant woman needs a balanced diet to complete with protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains-and a minimum of sweet and fats.


Maricor - August 30

Although prenatal visits may seem simple and even mundane, their importance can't be overestimated. Years of research have shown that pregnant women who get adequate prenatal care are most likely to have healthy babies and fewer complications during labor and recovery.


Elvie - August 30

Good nutrition is extremely important even before a pregnancy. If nature favors the growing fetus, the mother will suffer if she hasn't had a good diet.


Josephine - September 12

Expectant mother needs to have a healthy baby and of course to have a healthy baby, a mother must be careful to her health in order to achieve a healthy and witty baby as it grows.


michelle - September 13

Good health is wealth! healthy pregnancy can makes the baby healthy,daily works is an exercise and it is one of the factors to become healthy,good eating habits can also helps us to be healthy.and to be healthy can achieve through dedication to make it.


amy - September 13

healthy baby is what the mother proud of.I am a mother of four children and they are all healthy. I am proud to have them because they have talents of which the people around them are entertained. but what makes them healthy and talented? I did it! I stand on my feet to be in good health every time I got pregnant and I read plenty of books during that time then explore some talents like singing, dancing and strumming the guitar during my pregnancy.The results have shown!


nile - September 13

i was pregnant before and i took care of this with a healthy mind and body.
to become healthy is not easy to do especially in my case of which i was tiresome to do my task and had a habit to eat anytime i love, meaning to say I didn't have specific time when to eat.But I switch these attitude into a good and make my lifestyle healthy for the purpose of having a healthy baby.


little angel - September 14

It is so nice to have a healthy pregnancy and to think that it can make good result which is to have a healthy baby. So come to think of it all mothers-to-be out there, take good care of your health.Do some ways to be healthy.


Fame - October 2

For me, the surest way to have a healthy baby is to live a healthy lifestyle. I make sure that everything I eat and do are necessary for my baby and me.


Emil - October 2

As a pregnant mother, I'm very much careful of everything I eat.As for me, the best gift I could offer to my baby is to give my baby proper care and I will start it by giving him or her proper nutrition.


jusmin - October 2

Hmmn, proper care is really the best way a pregnant mother should need to do. For me, I always make sure that I would have a proper health check-up from my doctor to make sure if the baby is okey and healthy. I always monitor my weight and blood pressure. Just to have an assurance that my baby will be fine as soon as I will have my delivery.


Moonny - October 10

To have a healthy baby is the cause of a healthy mother. Healthy is to be called for those who have a clean mind and have a happy soul, those whose outlook in life is positive, since our mind is the thing that controls our body.Let us focus in having a clean thoughts.



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