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Healthy Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby
30 Replies
Moonny - October 10

To have a healthy baby is the cause of a healthy mother. Healthy is to be called for those who have a clean mind and have a happy soul, those whose outlook in life is positive, since our mind is the thing that controls our body.Let us focus in having a clean thoughts.


Pelomine - October 10

The comment of Daffodil is agreeable to me , yes,in order to have a healthy baby is to live a healthy lifestyle.The pregnant woman must not think of any topics that may effect of bad symptoms for the fetus inside.


Pelochie - October 10

I thought of having a baby since I was newly married, my husband and I were planning to make at least six children since I love children very much but you know until now more than five years of waiting I don't have one,I am a positive thinker I can foresee to have a healthy baby coming from my healthy body.Hoping of God's blessings.


belinda - October 10

To be able to have a healthy pregnancy. The best thing to do is to eat healthy, exercise and always do the right thing. These things would result a healthy baby I'm 100 percent sure of it.


Allen - October 10

Well, for me, I make sure to always have a prenatal visit to make sure I'll have a healthy pregnancy. A schedule check-up from my Doctor is an assurance that my pregnancy will be good and my baby will also come out healthy.


Rachell - October 16

OUr baby depends on us. We need to be healthy in order to make our baby healthy also. We need to be responsible enough to choose what's best and what's not ..things to do or to eat during our pregnancy.


Gegi - October 16

We could not give what we don't have. OUr baby is our responsibility. So to make sure they are healthy, then we need to make sure that we are in good health also. How could we share good health to them if we ourselves are weak? It's so ironic on the part of the mother, right?


Nanith - October 18

Every pregnant mother should always monitor her health condition to make sure she'll deliver a very healthy and active baby.It's best to consult the proper health experts to be sure everything is under control.


Planet - October 21

Yes, it all depends upon the situation of the mother, if the mother is healthy then the baby is also healthy.


Sharpier - October 21

The mother-to-be must take nutritious foods and have an exercise daily so she can have physically healthy then her baby would be affected too.


Lullaby - October 21

We can take a healthy diet and aware of junk foods for it can cause bad side effect to the fetus. A wise pregnant woman must study how to became healthy so that she can also have a healthy baby.


Zazie - October 24

The best thing I could give to my baby is proper nutrition and good health even still inside the womb.

Healthy pregnancy is very important. I make sure that I could give my baby the proper nutrition even inside my womb. My baby is considered my most priceless treasure that's why only for the best is good for my baby and nothing else!


cathy - October 31

Being healthy always comes first to my mind when I'm pregnant. That's why i always make sure I have a healthy diet and good lifestyle intended not only for my own sake but more especially to my baby as well. I guess, that's our role being a MOTHER, right?


Allen - October 31

As a mother, especially during out pregnancy, we should like be a guardian angels to our babies. Angels are nice and they would not let people down. So as a mother, we should also be nice to our babies in the womb and we would not also let them down by just giving them poor nutrition. We depend on our guardian angels and our babies depends greatly on,whatever goodness we do to our body during pregnancy,our babies are the ones most benefited by it.


Ivory - October 31

It's such a nice feeling to be able to do good for yourself and for your baby. To have a healthy baby is my main priority and I start it from the womb and until my delivery.All the best,love and care for my baby is what I give always!



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