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jarjar7 - November 6

I dont think I am posting this in the right forum but I cant find a 'general' women's health one...basically for the past week or so I have had very little energy, very very tired, today I have started having period type cramps (although the last day of my last period was only 5 days ago) and the past couple of days I am getting a jelly type discharge when I wipe after going to the loo and it seems this is tinged with blood as it is a brown/pink colour...I have phoned the Docs but earliest appt I could get is Nov 18th...anyone got any advice? Please!!! I am not on the pill but me and my partner have sex without him actually ejaculating inside me...sorry if I've shared too much information...!!


Ivy - November 6

As much as I want to help..but you're problem is really quite confusing but i try to ask my doctor about it. I think she could help you better.


leny - November 6

Your problem, is that you're thinking that you're pregnant or what? If you suspect that there's something wrong about your self, i think it's better for you to have a personal health check-up. Don't just phone your doctor about it. To make sure of anything you need to have some laboratory result to be able to find out the possible solution about your problem.


oil - November 6

yes, i do agree. Better have a proper consultation about your problem with the experts so that you'll be given a very proper and appropriate solution about what's bugging you now.


chona - November 6

You better tell also your partner about your problem..probably he could help you also. Both of you are responsible of what's happening to you right now so don't just keep it to yourself okey.


perlyn - November 6

Yes, it's good also that your partner be able to know what's bothering you now. Two heads are better than one, right? So, be open to him about it. Then you talked what should be the right solution you are going to do just to be able to solved both problem of yours.


jarjar7 - November 7

No, I'm not saying I'm pregnant, its just I have looked up what it could be and everything leads me to either ovulation or very early pregnancy...I dont see how it could be either of these things considering I had my period last week so I was just asking if anyone else had ever experienced it or knew what it could possibly be? I haven't just phoned my doctor, I've made an appointment but the earliest one I could get is the 18th Nov.



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