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How can endometriosis lead to miscarriage?
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wonderstruck - October 31

In general, the endometrium covers the surface of uterine body. For some reason, the endometrium is growing in the other parts of body, namely, endometriosis. And the endometriosis is also one of the reasons inducing abortion. The early and asymptomatic endometriosis would not have effect on pregnancy. But with the development of diseases, the situation would be changed. The rate of abortion would increase and even the infertility would happen to women finally. There are three causes of that:
Immunological factor. The plantation of pieces of ectopic endometrium would be relative with the immunity of human. It is proved that when a woman acquires endometriosis, the immune function of her would decrease. Actually the endometriosis is one kind of autoimmune diseases. And there is endomethal antibody tested in the serum of the patients of endometriosis. This kind of antibody interferes the implantation of zygote or causes abortion by affecting the growth after implantation.
The change of ovarian function. It is certain that the endometriosis would induce the ovarian function. Mainly because the extensive plantation of endometrium would make substantial damage to ovary. The ovary would become adhesive, forming scars and even pseudo-capsule, which would result in the dysfunction and anovulation of ovary. It would manifest as irregular menstruation, anovulatory menstrual cycle, abortion and infertility. Patients of endometriosis would have a higher risk of miscarriage. And the corpus luteum of patients can not produce enough progestin. If the function of corpus luteum is abnormal, the development of endometrium would be slow, always manifesting as infertility or frequent abortion of early stage. That’s why endometriosis induces abortion. Traditional Chinese medicine-Fuyan pill can balance the endocrine and help to recover the normal function of ovary.
Prostatic factor. Endometriosis would induce the increasing of concentration of prostaglandin. It may be caused by that the ectopic endometrium would compound prostaglandin fastly but discharge it slowly, making it accumulating partially. Prostaglandin would participate in the process of development of follicle, secretion of ovarian hormone, ovulation and dissolution of corpus luteum. And it would also influence the normal shrink and wriggle of uterus and fallopian tube. Therefore, because the ectopic endometrium would produce a great deal of prostaglandin, it would be relative with the increasing rate of miscarriage certainly.
Therefore, if you want to have a baby, you should firstly treat your endometriosis for preventing miscarriage. Studies have shown that treating the endometriosis may help to lessen the risks. In addition, there are other important things which can lessen the risks of miscarriage, including treating chronic diseases and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Doing these things will generally reduce your risks of miscarriage much more than anything else that you can do.



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