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How to cure thickening of the uterus?
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wonderstruck - December 8

These days, many patients would visit our clinic and ask why the uterus is thickened. In fact, thickening of the uterus is always induced by the thickening of endometrium. And the thickening of endometrium would always induce many diseases, and the endometrium hyperplasia is the most common one of them. This article is written to explain what is endometrium hyperplasia and how to treat it.
The normal sickness of endometrium is 5~10mm. In the different stage of menstrual cycle, the sickness would also be different. the sickness of it would change with the periodical variation of the ovary. From the 5th day to the 14th day after menstruation, it is the proliferative stage of endometrium and the sickness can be 8~10mm. After that stage, it is the secretory stage and the sickness is decreasing to 5~6mm. If your sickness of endometrium exceeds this range, you should be aware of uterine thickening.
Then, how to treat thickening of uterus?
Uterine curettage. This kind of treatment can be used by some aged women who have no child-bearing requirement. The theory of this treatment is simple to comprehend. A doctor would use an instrument to scrape the proliferous endometrium and make it be thinner. This therapy can only work temporarily, but not cure it completely. And it also do great harm to the uterus. This method is widely used in western countries, but it is definitely not suitable for young ladies and the women who have productive demand.
Hormone replacement therapy. Because the thickening of uterus is induced by the endocrine disorder, we can take exogenous sexual hormone to suppress the secretion of endocrine and keep the balance of endocrine system which have already been irregular. And then, the increasing of endometrium would be stopped. This method has an apparent disadvantage is that it would also suppress the productive function of the patients. And once you stop taking exogenous hormone, it would recur soon.
TCM therapy: TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) have a certain advantage in treating gynecological disease. In the theory of Chinese medicine, this diseases is induced by blockage of our body. So we use some herbal medicine which can promote blood circulation and promote partial microcirculation. Fuyan pill is made for this purpose. Additionally, it can also clear away heat and toxins in the body. Different from some other antibiotics and hormonal medicine, it has no side-effect at all. The only disadvantage is the duration of treatment would be longer. It always lasts for several months.
At last, we have to stress that keeping good hygiene habit and living a regular life is also very important for preventing and treating thickening of uterus. If you can do this, you would be recovered soon.


tanya - June 16

i have always wondered why uterus is thickened and i never had any clear answers until i crossed this site. thank you for sharing this informative post. please keep on sharing. good luck!!!



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