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Husband and Wife Support System
28 Replies
Lorian - August 21

Being a first-time mom is not at all easy. I really have to be at my best in order to give quality care to my baby. From pregnancy to giving birth, eventual recovery, I must say that I survived all these with the help of my husband. I realized the importance of a support system between husband and wife in keeping relationship stronger thus helping us achieve more fulfilling family life.


Anthony - August 22

When my wife informed me that i would be a father, I held my breath.I was terrified, almost to the point of panic. The nuisance of knowing the possibilities of unfavorable medical outcomes, changing my life for the worse, compounded by fear. But I had to put up a facade of stability and strength of support to my wife.


Ronah - August 24

Pregnancy is a time when your partner can provide the encouragement and emotional support you need.This means understanding the changes that affecting you,putting up your with your mood swings,anticipating your needs, helping to make your life a little more comfortable, and just bearing with whatever discomforts you are experiencing.


Sonia - August 28

The sense of anticipation and excitement as you prepare for your baby's arrival is something the father-to-be can experience too. Over the nine months of pregnancy, you can both share the feeling of your baby moving and kicking inside you.


Viviane - August 28

Sometimes, he may gently encourage you to stick to a healthy diet or follow the doctor's advice. As your pregnancy progresses, you can expect him to chip in with a greater share of the household chores, and help to entertain your other children when you get tired.


April - August 28

Pregnancy is the joint responsibility of both parents, and any decisions made during this period should be jointly discussed. Stress during pregnancy is inevitable for both the expectant father and mother. Share with each other any fears or anxieties that you might have.Remember that even though pregnancy and labor can be tiring sometimes, you will have a new baby to share and love at the end of it.


Mariam - September 18

I'm glad my husband also did his part in taking care of me and my baby. His support during my pregnancy gives me an assurance that I need not to worry. Love you so much honey..I'm sure our baby is also proud to have a father like you..


Ronald - September 18

I love my wife and I care so much for our baby. That's why i will always give her the best support I could give as a husband. She's carrying for our baby..the blood of our blood and the product of our great love.So, to all husbands out there please if you love your wife, show your wives you care not just by saying, but more on by doing.


Elfie - September 18

Nice of you, Ronald. Your wife is definitely lucky to have you. Thumps up for you brother!! Congratulations for being one of the best father in the world!


Merlina - September 18

Husband and wife support system is very much important. I'm happy that Ronald is also very supportive to her wife. Pregnant mothers really need the care of their husband. I know that their are also many husbands out there who's like Ronald who cares so much of their wives. Good luck to all of you guys!


lyn - September 20

it is better that the husband would give support to his wife because the wife ,most specially the pregnant woman, can have strength to face her situation through good relationship with her husband.


taft - September 20

good relationship can gain harmonious life. the husband and wife must support to each others condition, the husband should support to his wife's need during her pregnancy in order that the wife can have a secure feeling in bringing up the baby inside her womb.


wisdom - September 20

the couple needs each other, so the reason that they should support each other's needs, as a matter of fact when they married they become one; in their decisions and in their plans, much more during pregnancy period of the wife.


gold - September 20

how lucky are those wives whose husbands are very supportive to their needs! I admire those husbands, in my case I am not given a husband's support during my pregnancy, my husband just told me that it is my own responsibility to face the consequence,but deep inside my heart I wanted to hear comforting words from him.


topaz - September 20

gold, is your husband doesn't like you to become pregnant? as far as I know husband should give support to his wife, then why in your case your husband acted indifferent. he should give you support most specially in your pregnancy period.


Johnson - September 20

gold, I am with the idea of topaz, I am a husband of a mother having three children, not to boast myself I did what the ideal father must do as being a good husband, I supported my wife in her needs most specially during her pregnancy period and we are now living in a harmonious way of life.


spring - September 20

a good husband must support to his wife's need and the wife also must do the same to her husband, there's an intimacy of both of them,if this has not done by them, then what is the use of living together.



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