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Husband and Wife Support System
28 Replies
spring - September 20

a good husband must support to his wife's need and the wife also must do the same to her husband, there's an intimacy of both of them,if this has not done by them, then what is the use of living together.


nature - September 20

pregnant woman needs an assurance in her situation of being that way, she needs a lot of support to her husband, she can not be that way without a man,whom she can confide with, anytime; in every seconds, minutes and hours. a successful marriage depends upon the couple, who are supportive to each others.


Meldy - September 20

It is been five long years I've been waiting to become pregnant, my husband and I went to different places of where we heard that the certain faith healer can make a way to make a woman conceived, my husband is very supportive to me, at this moment in time I am pregnant,praise God,support and faith can make miracles.


yohan - September 20

gold, in your situation that your husband is not supportive in your being pregnant, just ask the support of our Divine Father in Heaven that He may change the out look of your husband. It is not easy that your better- half won't give support to your needs.
take care!


gold - September 20

thank you, for you concerns. I am very much enliven that you all are there with me. Yes, my husband,is not happy for me being pregnant,because he said he is not ready to become a father,that is why he doesn't support me.But in my case I am so happy to become pregnant and I am hoping that my husband would be changed during my delivery.
Please pray for me!


Irish - September 20

Do you want to have a progressive and harmonious life? Don't forget to support each other you;husband and wife. Each one needs cooperation from each other. You have to stand that a baby in the womb can feel, how its parent are cooperating each other and the baby may has an amiable mood till its maturity and the mother don't have a hassle during her pregnancy.


diamond - September 20

mother-to-be as a wife needs love and attention from her husband, then if the husband care of his wife, then they can have a happy relationship, they must support to each other it needs a give and take agreement, so that their feelings would prosper and they can have an offspring with a joyful mood.
husband's love and care towards his wife during pregnancy period can produce good understanding of the child


luz - November 7

pregnancy is a very crucial stage that a woman will be experiencing. She needs a husband to support her along this crucial stage of her life. That's why, my husband is doing his best to make me feel more love and cared now that I'm pregnant. He always make sure that I have everything I want and make every day special.


arnuld - November 7

I know my wife's sacrifices just to give me the baby that I'm asking her to have. She has great career and big chance of promotions awaits her. But she ignores everything just to make me happy having an conceiving a baby. That's why I do also everything that I could to be able to repay her for all the sacrifices that she did. I'll be a good father and provider for my wife and baby for the rest of our life together.


greatest - November 14

A happy family support each other, the mother and the father must have a helping hand to do the needed good achievements for their family.


Docein - November 14

Can a baby be made without the other one? With the blessings of the Lord then their is a realization that anew life has been made, so the support of the mother and he father ,a happy family be made.


Godispowerful - November 14

A family that prays together stays together, it is a saying which can enlighten our minds that we need each other in order to succeed in having a prosperous and happy family.


julesp - January 27

hey there,
I would just like to add that I couldn't have gotten through my pregnancies without the help of my gorgeous man. We learned how to do acupressure together and he was great as massaging my back when it hurt and also helped during my labor. The experience truly brought us closer



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