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Induced Labor May Prevent Need for Cesarean
26 Replies
Inahan Koh - August 24

Elective induction of labor at or after 41 weeks' gestation lowered. Cesarean delivery risk by 22 percent. In addition-women whose labor was electively induced were half as likely to have meconium-stained amniotic fluid, which is sign of fetal intrauterine stress.


Dede - August 26

I have two children whom I delivered both in a cesarean way,at that time I was encouraged by one of my friends to try to submit myself an induced method of labor but I was a coward at that time and in my 3rd child I already try an induced method of labor and thanks God I successfully have a normal delivery.
I am grateful for this information so that other moms may have also enlightened.


Floramie Bates - August 28

Cesarean now a days is so expensive. The induced labor can help some pregnant women not to submit in a cesarean
Thanks to the modern technology.


dely - October 12

I experienced an induced labor, and it was so painful that I thought I can not endure so,oh! I could not imagined , how I got out from that situation, that at that time I want to submit a cesarean way of delivering the baby.At last I deliver a healthy baby in a normal way.


santi - October 12

Yes, induced labor may prevent for a cesarean way of delivering, but it depends upon the position of the child, it may or it may not!


Neaty - October 12

In my case, since I am pregnant, I want to submit a cesarean method in delivering a baby but my doctor doesn't favor of my idea because she said that to make use of a cesarean way of delivering is when it is needed only.


Flory - October 12

I am pregnant, as of now I am confused what is an induced labor?
, how is its functioned in labor time? Is it really painful? I'm scared!


Belliea - October 13

If it is advisable that the mother whose expected date lapses, she is to be induced and if ever it can help not to be cesarean delivery so it is must be a very good solution, so be it.


Dobert - October 13

A mother must be submit herself to what is advise to her by her doctor if is for her own good, so that she may not endangered herself if induced is needed then submit yourself to this method so not to prevail the worst things that might happened.


Nancy - October 13

It is painful, induced is a method to be taken, if the pregnant woman don't have the capacity to have a natural labor, even if it is painful but it is successive that make the fetus energetic to be delivered.


Emmy - October 13

During my 2nd child's delivery, I experienced a labor which was so long it's length was almost 4days and I would like to sleep because of sleepless nights I had,My package Doctor do the last resort which is to induced me!after five seconds I had experienced a great pain that I didn't know what to do but I successfully delivered normally.


Terisita - October 13

Induced as what I've experienced during my third child, is ..yes, painful but you can have an immediate delivery
and it may prevent a need for cesarean.


Lorena - October 13

To have an induced labor may prevent need for cesarean, so therefore we can minimize the expenses supposedly may have expense of thousand if ever for a cesarean method. This may help and give a relief feeling for those who don't have enough money. Thanks to those who invented it!


Shane - October 16

Hi! I'm curious about this issue. I experience cesarean operation during my first pregnancy. I hope with this second pregnancy of mine, I could have just that induced labor so another cesarean operation might be prevented?


Telde - October 16

Induced labor, may prevent need for cesarean, why is it may happen that the woman may submit for cesarean if it can be done only for normal delivery through the help of induced method? Thanks for this invention!


Norms - October 16

The time for labor during pregnancy is the most crucial part.And the induced labor may help in shorten the pain because it hasten the delivery and may prevent for a need of cesarean to make it into normal delivery.


Purple - October 24

I had an induced labor during my first pregnancy but then it doesn't prevented me to have my cesarean operation because the position of my baby inside my womb is too difficult for the doctors to handle..taking him out of my womb base on a normal delivery would be much, they recommend a cesarean operation instead.



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