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Induced Labor May Prevent Need for Cesarean
26 Replies
Purple - October 24

I had an induced labor during my first pregnancy but then it doesn't prevented me to have my cesarean operation because the position of my baby inside my womb is too difficult for the doctors to handle..taking him out of my womb base on a normal delivery would be much, they recommend a cesarean operation instead.


Sallie - October 24

Well, base from your experience I think there's really no assurance that an induced labor may prevent a need for merely depends on a mother's pregnancy condition.


Peping - October 26

"How do I prevent of the cesarean way of delivery?",ask a woman of whom was my hi-school classmate, I just smile to her and told her that it depends of the will of God.So we must pray earnestly to Him. And trust Him always.


Magnet - October 26

Induced is to make the pregnant woman fast for her labor. Maybe it can help but if the position of the baby is not correct or the cervix of the woman is so tight of which it is not elastic then what will happen if the baby wants to come out to the outside at that time and the pregnant woman is already tired...then cesarean would be the solution.Even if she is induced!


Jupiter - October 26

You know I prepare to be in the cesarean delivery than to suffer so much pain in labor period of pregnancy and waiting when will the baby may comes out, but you can not dictate the doctors on duties because they want the pregnant woman to make her delivery in a normal way but if it is impossible to happen then it is only then that they must decide to have a cesarean.


Venus - October 26

Hello, why is to be afraid of having a cesarean way to have delivery? It is not scary, this modern world of ours have so many inventions that we can submit ourselves to the modern way of technology of having a hi-tech way of delivery.


Atty - October 26

By the way induced is a matter of helping the mother to make her labor faster than not in induced. But still the mother must be strong and have a dedication to make a normal delivery. but it is still the mother who can make an effort to deliver her baby in a normal way, the doctor will just help in a way of pushing the tummy and give encouragement to the mother.


Onie - October 26

I'm more afraid actually with induced labor than to have the cesarean operation. Induced labor, according to others is so painful while in cesarean, you will have an anesthesia so you will just feel the pain only after the operation.


jazmin - October 26

So far, I need to experience both to know whether which is more painful between the two.


Michelle - October 26

I had my cesarean operation with my first pregnancy because of the position of the child in my womb. Now that I'm on my second pregnancy, i want to experience an induced labor so that the possibility of my second cesarean operation hopefully may be prevented.


Raina - October 27

Honestly, I'm afraid to both induced labor and cesarean operation. If I will have to choose, I'd rather have a normal delivery than having the two processes of delivery. For me, it's quite painful and risky.



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