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Infections During Pregnacy
15 Replies
Sandra - August 30

Many infections during pregnancy can be dangerous to an unborn child. Urinary tract infections and any sexually transmitted diseases need to be treated immediately.


Cherry - August 30

Cat litter and raw meat may contain the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which can cause toxoplasmosis infection. It's rare for pregnant woman to get the infection, but if she does, her baby could be at risk for serious illness or deaths. get someone to get the kitty litter if possible, or wear a face mask and rubber gloves for protection


Purity - August 30

Problems also may arise when a pregnant woman eats undercooked foods that have been cross-contaminated with bacteria from raw food nearby. Food poisoning can cause meningitis, pneumonia or even death to an unborn child, plus the vomiting and diarrhea involved leave the mother exhausted and dehydrated.


wenah 143 - September 2

my religion's legacy is not to eat cooked foods and how can I be safety in my pregnancy that I always eat raw foods? Is it proper to be out in my religion in order to be safe in my pregnancy?


preggea - September 2

there are infections which can cause harm to the fetus. don't take a risk for you child's health.if you have infections, in an instance, consult it to your physician.


lullaby - September 3

yes,infections during pregnancy can be dangerous to the unborn child it is so true. I have a friend who is so close to me that for our closeness she confide to me her problem about her problem that she had sex with her husband and after two days she felt itchy to her vagina that she could not be able to urinate easily so she consult her physician that came out that she got a so called transmitted diseases and the result of that she has a baby who is blind and has a skin rushes, then one month after it dies.


van2 - September 3

how sad is your fate,lullaby.hopefully this would be a lesson to a husband that would use a prostitute.
Infections during pregnancy is not taken for granted for it can make a deadly result like in your case.
thanks for joining this forum since this may give enlightenment to others.


Kate - October 29

Hi! I'm Kate and I'm 6 months pregnant. I had this kind of urinary track infection. I had several medications to treat this but still the bacteria is quit hard enough to handle.I'm afraid about the effects this infections will caused to my baby.. I'm bothered.


Fionah - October 29

Hi! it's should be treated immediately so that it could not have bad effects to your baby. Have you consulted a doctor for proper treatment? i know theirs a cure for that just don't give up.


Ivy - October 29

Infections during pregnancy is very much dangerous not only to you but much more I guess, to your baby. There are certain medication that is safe for you to take. I know it can be cured just try your best or consult another doctor if your doctor now, wasn't able to cure that kind of infection.


mothertobe - October 29

Infections during pregnancy is so dangerous for the fetus it can cause bad effects to it.Don't disregard this if you have it.


Francisca - October 29

Infections may also harm the fetus inside the womb, so the pregnant woman may have extra care full of doing the treatment for these, and please don't do a self medication to go away the possible harmful effects


Telly - October 29

Speaking of infections during pregnancy may give alarm to the mother to be.
Sometimes there are pregnant women who don't pay attention of what they felt,until the worst happen might comes out,that medications might no longer used.


Ginging - October 29

As it is infections during pregnancy,so we must take note the things that may cause infections,Observe intelligently of what is the real cause of that infection,in order that medication can easily be done,


Gemma - October 29

An unborn baby can be infected due to the illness of the mother, like if the mother has an asthma this illness can be cured through using a nebulizer, then it can give infection to the fetus or it can give worst effect.


Warly - October 29

Pregnant woman must be careful of what must be done,so that the fetus who is dependent to the mother,may not be infected of any diseases that may acquired through carelessness of the mother.



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