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Is Autism caused by poor parenting or other social factors?
16 Replies
Jing-Jing - August 24

While the causes of autism are poorly understood scientist do know that autism is not caused by poor parenting or other social factors.

It is a biological disorder that appears to be associated with subtle
developmental abnormalities in specific structure or functions in the brain.


Nanie Mata - August 26

Before I was afraid to get pregnant because one of my neighbor has an autistic child and I pity on them, the parents and child, so I created a plan not to become pregnant.
Recently I know the reality of that case, I am now pregnant. I am not afraid anymore about autism.
With God's blessings I did n't have a history about autism.
Thanks God.


aireen - August 28

Autism is not caused by poor parenting or any other social factors but poor parenting to the child who have this case can add the pitiful situation to the child. So the parents who have an autistic child must give much more attention this child and unconditional love to the child. The whole family must understand the child.


Dedie - October 30

Yes, I don't believe also that autism is caused by poor parenting..I think it's more on other social factors like it's in the family genes. If it's in the family bloodline then definitely you could also expect that somehow it will be possible that you could have an autism baby also.


cheryl - October 31

It's not good to judge the way parents take care of their baby. In case of having autism, I believed and I agree it's not because of poor parenting. It's under such circumstances that's beyond our control. It's part of God's plan I think that's why it happens. As parents, all we need to do is to accept the fact and take care of the autism child like any other kids in the family.


Keith - October 31

Well, sorry but their are some instances that autism was caused by poor health during pregnancy. Especially if the expectant mother was having lots of complications resulted to many problems of pregnancy disorder and autism are part of it.


chona - October 31

Many women undergo test during pregnancy to check of possible birth defects. So,with regards to autism, I think its better to have test to know what really causes it.


Myrna - November 3

It is in the blood line of the parents, for this may not happen to those who don't have any of this case in the past of their clan. It is a hereditary case.


Lorna - November 3

It may or it may not.Because there are some instances that the pregnant woman are irritable because she is having the unwanted pregnancy, she still doesn't like the baby to be born at the time she is not yet ready, then it resulted of autistic child ,but then there are also instances my neighbor has unwanted child but the child grows normal.


Meldred - November 3

It is a biological disorder and no related to the thoughts that it caused by poor parenting,it is a hereditary case.


Helen of Central - November 3

No, it is not. How come that it may happen? It is only a psychological effect of some people, who has this case in their blood line, and it happen by generation.


Planters - November 4

No, it is not the way, autism is caused by the abnormalities of the functions in the brain,and no connections to poor parenting or other social factors.


Balls9 - November 4

If autism caused by poor parenting or other social factors then this case might be rampant to our society, since there are parents that are misguided of bringing up their children.
It is not true, it may be in the other way around.


Tap33 - November 4

Autism is sometimes a hereditary case, no relation to poor parenting or other social factors , if in your family tree no one has an autism,then no need to worry.


Circuit - November 4

You have to research whether you have this case in your relative in the past, if you have , then lift them up to the Lord!


meldy - November 6

If autism is really in your blood, then it will surely come out in the nest generation or so. So, we could not able to blame it to poor parenting because it would also be unfair to those parents who have done their best.


Pickle - November 15

I am completely amazed at the number of inaccurate perceptions on this page!

Ok, some facts about autism:
1) It is a biological disorder with a strong neurodevelopmental (genetic) component. It is not caused by poor parenting. Parent training may well be offered to parents of children with the disorder because it is likely that these children will present with a range of challenging difficulties, above and beyond those presented by 'typically developing' children. If a child has the biological predisposition to develop autism then they will do; this is pretty much set in stone from day 1. No amount of brilliant or poor parenting will make the disorder go away.
2) Autism cannot be 'tested for' through amniocentesis tests.
3) Just because no-one in your family tree has ever had the disorder does not mean that your child could not be autistic. There appears to be a heavy genetic component to the disorder, so whilst there are often cases of two or three siblings being diagnosed in the same family, there are also plenty of children whose family history would not indicate the disorder. Subsequently this would implicate random gene mutations.
4) Being an 'irritable mother' is not a cause of autism; it is a biological disorder...
5) Maternal health can influence the child's development, but there are probably more mothers of children with the disorder who had an unremarkable pregnancy than the other way round.

It really is very disheartening and frustrating to read so many inaccurate comments about autism. Please do your homework and source information about the disorder from reputable sources, such as the National Autistic Society, or from the NHS Choices website.



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