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Maternal Obesity
37 Replies
Dianne - August 26

Hi! I'm Dianne Suarez. I love to eat. Though what I eat are mostly nutritious foods, it bothers me when I noticed I gain a lot of weight. I'm also pregnant with my first baby. Can weight gain or maternal obesity lead to birth defects? Help!


Wendelyn - August 27

For pregnant women, obesity is associated with more health risk for both mother and child. Studies also show that obese women appear to gain more weight during pregnancy. In women who are already overweight, pregnancy weight gain should be monitored carefully.


Irene - August 27

Well, obesity arises due to an interplay between caloric intake and energy expenditure. Simply put, the more we eat and the less we exercise, the more we tend to gain weight.


Camille - August 27

Maternal obesity increases the risk of structural birth defects. It also increases the risk for newborn deaths and vitamin D deficiency for both mother and newborn.Obesity in pregnancy also increases the risk for complications during pregnancy such as diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy, urinary tract infections and hemorrhage.


fhabe - September 18

In my case i control my crave in eating. I make sure that all the foods i eat are good for my baby. But of course I'm also conscious enough about my weight. My figure still matters to me. That's why i monitor my weight every now and then just to make sure..


wennie - September 18

Well, yeah I agree with wennie because on my part I'm also conscious about my weight. I monitor it also just to make sure I will not become obese because I'm afraid I could have the high blood pressure in which many of the members of our family are suffering. I'm afraid to have it..especially now that I'm pregnant.


haley - September 18

Got your point there, wennie. Well, I'm different. I really eat a lot. It seems that if I don't eat to much I could easily get sick.hehe Yap, I'm already very fat..but it doesn't scares me coz high blood pressure is not in our family, thanks God. We all love to eat. And now that I'm pregnant, this habit of mine become worst than ever!hehe!!


Yonne - September 18

Well, good for you Haley. I think you like being fat and It's not a problem because as you've said high blood pressure is not in your family. So, good luck! and Happy Eating!! But don't forget to stay healthy okey? Remember, you're pregnant.


sonnie - September 20

a pregnant woman may gain a lot of weight it is because the pregnant woman may eat the food she would like. an it is also a psychological effect that a woman who is pregnant may crave nutritious food for the sake of the baby inside her womb so it may become healthy.


ricarda - September 20

maternal obesity is what the pregnant mother must be aware because it can cause problem to the mother after her delivery, she may not regain her normal weight as in my case I have a problem how to loss weight.I took diet pills but no effect has done to me and I suffer not to dress up like a sexy mother do.


clear - September 20

Hello, allow me to participate you conversation, I am a mother of four and my physical status is the same as before I became a mother. What I did? It is just a self discipline I eat only plenty of fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates and exercise a lot, an exercise fitted to a situation like if I am pregnant I do an exercise just a brisk walking and if I am not I do a lot of aerobics exercises.


lorian - September 21

I agree with Ricarda, yeah it is just matter of self-disciplining yourself on what to eat and not to eat. Eating too much is not good especially if you are pregnant.A pregnant mother should control her cravings for so many foods to be able to have a healthy body and most of all a healthy baby.


odets 123 - September 24

be sure to eat food which are nutritious, so that the baby can grow strong and healthy. weight gain can be minimized if the mother can have strong determination not to eat extra foods at undesirable time, like in the evening time.come to think of it!


likeyou - September 24

obesity is not good for pregnant woman because it may cause hypertension and it might cause trouble to the pregnant woman, during her delivery time or on developing time It is normal to her if she gain weight but not obese.
take not the sweets food or fatty foods, be aware of it and put in your minds,you pregnant woman not to make comparison of yourself to others for it may cause disappointment in your part.


central 1 - September 24

Hi! I'm not bother what I look during my pregnancy if ever I gain weight so be it, but my focus in my pregnancy period is to go away of problems becoz it may cause illness and may happen to have a special child,of which I pray hard to God to forbade this may happen.


mesdames - September 24

Make a check list of all the foods you would like to eat, then think so many times what it can give to the fetus, after that, crush out all foods that can not give nutrients, the maternal mother is the immediate responsible to the health of her baby, not to focus only the way you look in person


mitch - September 26

Good day! I'm pregnant, and now that I'm pregnant I've noticed that I eat too much. I don't like to get fat that's why I now minimized my craving for eating lots of foods. I know turning myself into obesity would not give any good to my pregnancy.That's why I now control myself regarding too much eating habit.



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