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Maternal Obesity
37 Replies
mitch - September 26

Good day! I'm pregnant, and now that I'm pregnant I've noticed that I eat too much. I don't like to get fat that's why I now minimized my craving for eating lots of foods. I know turning myself into obesity would not give any good to my pregnancy.That's why I now control myself regarding too much eating habit.


Sophie - September 26

Yeah! I certainly agree. It's also important to be aware of our weight especially if were pregnant.It's good to give the baby in our womb proper nutrition but it's best also to monitor our food in take every time we eat.And eating too much is no longer proper.


Dionne - October 8

We pregnant mothers need to be more concerned over maternal obesity because it can actually lead to heart deffects to our unborn child. heart deffects as what the physicians would say are twice as likely than in newborns of average weight women.


Leslie - October 8

Hi! I would like to asked if how does one pregnant mother like me who loves to eat a lot prevent maternal obesity? Does it mean we only eat less than what's needed?


Gigi - October 8

Well, as for me, during my time of pregnancy, I am very vigilant with what I eat. I always make sure that I have a healthy balanced meal and get the proper nutrients needed for me and for my baby.


Happy - October 8

Yap! you're just right Gi! In my case also, I just avoid eating bad foods actually like junk foods and those fatty foods. I drink more milk and eat more fruits and vegetables during my pregnancy.


Kate - October 8

As pregnant mothers, it's wrong to just tolerate the problem of maternal obesity. Well, for all we know, obesity has become more than a health condition. But if we have proper discipline from ourselves and follow the healthy lifestyle practices always, this problem may be prevented.


Mitch - October 8

Yes, we know that it's really up to us to do something for our problem. Thanks for letting me see the light. i'm glad to have this forum really. It awakens me. MOre speed and god bless!


Joy - October 10

I believe we have the power to control our cravings. It's up to us pregnant mothers.We need to decide whether we want maternal obesity or not. we know already it's bad effects to our baby, so I know the decisions would not be that difficult, right?


Leslie - October 18

I'm very much over weight. Even though i eat just little amount of food per meal. I tried to have this diet diet thing but now that I'm pregnant I stopped because I'm afraid I could also harm my baby for not giving my baby proper nutrition.So, I'm into maternal obesity as of the moment..this panics me a lot.


Cheryl - October 18

I see, i know how bothered you are for your condition.. as of this time, my advice is that you consult a doctor and seek a good advice on what you need to do in order to prevent any form of problem that might occur brought by your maternal obesity.


Mercy - October 20

pregnant woman can be prone to become obesity because of the feeling of craving foods. why is it that during pregnancy, a woman may become voracious in eating?


Levitha - October 20

My pregnancy look during last trimester is my face become moonface.And my hips widen in other words, I am leading to obesity.


Totlly - October 20

If you mind your physical appearance, then it is suggested that you must measure all the foods which you are going to eat,


Berna - October 24

Let's just be cautious enough with our weight so that we will not suffer the problem of maternal obesity.


Cheska - October 24

I do believe that maternal obesity could lead to more worst problem like high blood pressure,in which if not prevented would also be leading to child's birth defects and problems during labor and delivery.



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