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Maternal Obesity
37 Replies
Cheska - October 24

I do believe that maternal obesity could lead to more worst problem like high blood pressure,in which if not prevented would also be leading to child's birth defects and problems during labor and delivery.


Saldie - October 26

maternal obesity is something I fear very much. Most of my aunties are fat and i don't want to be like them. That's why i make sure i eat just a little amount of food every time I eat.I'm pregnant with my first and i don't want that my baby would have some kind of birth defects just like what most of my cousins which I think resulted to maternal obesity.


Venus - October 26

Yes, with your bloodline of many obese then what you did is just proper. Just control your eating and always have a healthy diet. I know you will able to prevent the maternal obesity problem you are fearing the most especially now that you are pregnant with your first baby.


Lowella - October 31

My friends and close relatives always teased me obeys. I guess, they were right. They advised me to slow down my eating habit because it's really not good for my pregnancy condition. But what could I do? I love eating especially ice cream and sweets. It's really hard to control my cravings.


Ivy - October 31

Yes, it's hard on your part. But please try to think about your baby's welfare also. You should not only be thinking for your self because you are already a mother.You should only eat what you and your baby needs-and please just limit your indulgences.


farah - November 6

I guess the increased of maternal obesity are the results of unhealthy eating habits. That's why for me, I eat a good food and make sure to have a home exercise schedule for at least twice or 3 times a day.


kaye - November 6

maternal obesity depends only on your attitude to control it.It's good to have the determination that you are conscious enough of your weight so that maternal obesity problem can be prevented.



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