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Menupausal Pregnancy
33 Replies
Tzabelet - October 14

Hello! I'm 49 yrs. old and I am now pregnant, is it hazardous in my part? Kindly answer me.


Melie - October 14

Tzabelet, in your part,you are so lucky because you have still active in producing mankind but take time to go to the doctor so that your situation must be check up as early as possible, so to keep you safe.


Ely - October 14

There are times of which we can not understand that a young and healthy woman could not be able to become pregnant and an older woman be still be able to produce a baby, but still the will of God must be prevail.
So be thankful to God, that you still become a producer of mankind.


Norein - October 14

Tzabelet,don't worry, be strong and happy for you can do it, don't think of any scared ideas, have a positive thinking,and pray incessantly for you have God's blessings. TRUST HIM!


Felicidad - October 14

You know, you don't have to worry ,menopausal pregnancy is just like a young pregnancy,only of your age but there's nothing to be afraid be strong and think of the future,plan ahead of time, of what must you do.


Jonginx - October 14

Be careful of what you are doing because of your age, you might (God forbade)get miscarriage, only
think the right to do
and of course with the guidance and advise of the doctor,whose specialization is about pregnancy.
take care of yourself.


Acetha - October 14

At yor age? Oh!... how nice of you!
Take care! You are the one responsible of you situation!
How groovy, ARE!


Luz - October 14

For the food, you must be aware of what you are going to eat, by the way, take vitamins so you can have resistance of viruses that may struck to our environment/surroundings.


daily 2 - October 14

Menopausal pregnancy can survive if the woman who have in this case is strong and healthy.No, don't think any bizarre idea that may come out bad result.
Remember that our mind is the one that controls our body. If you think you are beaten you are, if you think you are not you won't,it's an excerpt from a saying.


rover - October 15

Just take care of yourself, then take vitamins for you
to become strong and healthy.
Don't 4get to see an ob-gyne, This doctor is the one who can give you an advice the right things to do.


kikate - October 15

There's nothing to be upset if you,Tzabelet, is pregnant. We can not point out that if the woman in her ripe age can be in the hazardous situation. There are some instances that those younger women who are pregnant can not meet a hazardous case of pregnancy but there are instances also that young pregnant women may met a hazard event of life in pregnancy.We can not exactly predict the things that may happen in our pregnancy.


Dione - October 17

Well, i guess, it's not depends about the age. I think its more on how fertile a woman could be to become pregnant.


Gemma - October 17

I've heard that if an older women got pregnant it's more on the advantage part for the baby and not for the mother. The mother would have a very difficult pregnancy but as soon as she delivers her baby, the baby's IQ is more high than the others who came out from younger mother.


Jen - October 17

Really? May i know what's your basis for this theory? Honestly, it's so hard for me to believe.


Ynez - October 17

HI! I've heard about such issue but it's a little different because there are choices, either the baby came out with high IQ or baby with mental retardation problem.But still I'm not sure if it's fact or just a fiction actually.


Mother of 4 - October 20

I am not scared even if I am now pregnant, why should I? There's nothing to be scared of, since we all are living in the world full of hope to our heavenly Father, and moreover to become pregnant it is lies in the hands of God, there are younger women who have discomfort in their pregnancy and was unsuccessfully to have a healthy baby.


Classic - October 20

There are some people whose babies are product of menopausal pregnancy; but they are very successful in their life, We cannot predict the coming event of our lives



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