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Menupausal Pregnancy
33 Replies
Classic - October 20

There are some people whose babies are product of menopausal pregnancy; but they are very successful in their life, We cannot predict the coming event of our lives


Tie - October 20

Be careful, pregnant women! Don't panic because there's a possibility that menopausal child can excel in all their endeavor and may the child you have now is one of the successful one. Only God knows our fate in the future.


Orange - October 20

During menopausal pregnancy, one must think positive that nothing happens harmful . Be alert in doing progressive things.


Theresse - October 21

It's really hazardous if it is a menopausal pregnancy but there are some medicines that can help a lot. At present there are some inventions and thanks to the hi-technology. Don't be worried because if there's a will there's a way.


Faye - October 21

Oh! how loved are you by the Lord! Imagined you can still conceive! Don't worry My friend, be happy always! Have time to Visit a doctor.


Lovely U - October 21

Nothing is impossible in the presence of God. Menopausal pregnancy is just happen to the chosen few.You can stand at your feet and say," I'm alive, I'm alert, enthusiastic!"


Pnk - October 21

I can not imagined what age are you now! Maybe you are now in your 50's or more. If your standard of living can still support the baby as it grows, no need to worry but if it can not still don't worry, because God can provide everything, what happen now is with God's blessings.


Lhbf - October 21

I've known a woman who got pregnant at the age of 55 yrs. old but still her delivery was normal. And you know what? Her baby is so talented that she can excel in every contest she has joined in. Because of that baby whom we called her as a menopausal baby, they are now living above standard. The mother as she recalled said that she was disappointed before because she thought that she could not be able to support the needs of her baby. What happen now?


Kayle - October 24

Well, menopausal pregnancy is really dangerous for both the mother and the baby. Most often if the mother is in her late 30's and 40's to get pregnant, she's already considered in high risk pregnancy. In which the baby also suffer some birth defects.


Gergie - October 24

Menopausal pregnancy is more disadvantage than advantage to the mother and the child. So, it's better not to get pregnant if you already not in the ideal age. Be aware of the danger brought about by menopausal pregnancy.


Helen - October 24

I was thinking that with my age 43, I will no longer be pregnant, even I still have my monthly menstruation,because my mother and older sisters was having their menopause at the age of 39. My husband still have the sex drive that's why if we are in the mood we do it, without even thinking about the possibility that I'll get pregnant. NOw,whether you believe it or not, I'm already in my second trimester of pregnancy.


Alley - October 24

Well, i guess it's not a problem. Just face your fears. Be positive. You said you still have your monthly menstruation. So, no problem because you're not yet on your menopausal stage I guess.


Esmer - October 24

Just remember that anything happens for a reason. God has his own purpose. Just believe and understand your situation right now. Take care of yourself and your baby in the womb to be able to have a good pregnancy.


Georgette - October 27

I'm already in my menopausal pregnancy cause I'm already 45 years of age. But i don't have any fears because My sister also had her menopausal pregnancy with her 3rd child but thanks God because her delivery was doing well and the baby was very much in good health and now, he's doing great in school.


Lilah - October 27

For me, menopausal pregnancy is just like any other pregnancy. But of course if your old enough and it seems your health needed the much care, then just be very careful..but if you think your health is okey then, nothing to be worried about.


Sasha - October 27

Yes, i do every pregnancy their are it's own certain risk and problems whether your old or young, complications is possible. That's why, as a pregnant mother we need to be very careful especially for mothers who are in their menopausal stage already so that nothing will bad happen to her and to the baby.



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