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Nausea or Vomiting
12 Replies
Nonah Kea - August 22

If you're like most women, morning sickness won't hit until about a month after conception. But some women do start to feel queasy a bit earlier. And not just in the morning, noon or night.


Stephanie - August 28

Yes,am! I experienced morning sickness everyday. Every time I get pregnant this is my cavalry. I always feel nausea for about first three months.
But this will vanish without my awareness of what makes this sickness cured.


Rose - August 29

For me,I experienced this between 2-8 weeks after conception.It was a burden situation for I couldn't go nearer to the fish section. I instantly felt nauseous.
After 8 weeks it was vanished.
Thanks God!!


thinking - September 5

I have experienced this kind of morning sickness too. I always vomit even if i eat less. Nausea in the morning makes me want to take a leave for work. It made me think that pregnancy is a big punishment. But now on my second trimester, i feel relieved. I guess it's just normal. And it's part of being pregnant.


lizzle - September 8

I like being pregnant. But having these bad experiences of nausea and vomiting makes me don't want to get pregnant again. I'm so healthy before but now I feel so sickly and my body becomes so weak each day. I hate to think I'll be having this problem for nine months of pregnancy.


venus 5 - September 9

I'm with thinking & lizzle before but as I was exited to get pregnant I pray hard to the Lord to give me strength that I could bear the feeling that i've felt.And God grant my prayer.
thinking & lizzle don't put in your mind that being pregnant is a burden , it is God's way. Pray for His guidance.


thinking - September 9

hello,venus 5,thank you for your advise, I know that God is so wonderful and being pregnant is great gift from Him and so i ask from Him to give me His divine providence and i also ask His forgiveness for my bad pronouncement about my morning sickness.from now on i would put myself under His will.
thank again!


venus 5 - September 9

don't mentioned it thinking, what your thoughts before was also my thoughts that is why i understand your situation.
any way we are just human sometimes we can commit mistakes,the things is we can admit it.
but don't forget to pray so that all the sickness in our body and minds will be vanished,most especially during our pregnancy period.


sophie - September 26

Well, for me, nausea and vomiting are just two common symptoms of pregnancy. In my case, I don't experience too much of this because I limit my eating. I just eat a small amount of food every meal. I observed it has good effect.Wanna try? and experience it's good effect.


fionah - September 26

Yeah, i agree with you sophie. because i've eat a small amount also in every meal..i only take a dry piece of toast bread or crackers and sips of hot milk..every morning.. and i've noticed a good relief of my morning sickness when i have such, i just continue the habit..


che - September 26

I think it's good also to avoid in the diet the greasy food and those food known to have cause disagreeable after effects to prevent nausea and vomiting.


Thea - September 26

Yap, greasy foods are the foods usually gives me the problem of having nausea and vomiting. When i avoided eating any of those foods..I got a very nice feeling. I don't experience this kind of morning sickness anymore!


lorie - November 7

nausea and vomiting really gives me a headache before.he!he! But now, I'm glad that I was able to overcome it. My doctor told me that a pregnant woman could really have it especially during the first trimester but later on as the pregnancy progresses, it will gone. And my doctor was right about it.



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