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Over-the-counter supplements and medication during pregnancy
27 Replies
Lady Deverly - August 24

You may take over-the-counter supplements and medication without thinking twice. But when you're pregnant,even drugs that you can buy without prescription can affect the developing fetus.


Nesly - August 24

During pregnancy, never self-medicate. Use only medication that is prescribed by your doctor. Certain drugs may have harmful effects on your fetus.


Tweety - August 28

Over-the-counter supplements may cause harm to those pregnant woman. Take note of this information. Don't gamble your self in experimenting a self medication by buying the-over-the-counter supplements.
It might be worsen of what we expect. Be aware of it. Don't let remorse could come into our lives.


twinkle - September 5

Hello! I'm very much pregnant right now. Sometimes, I could not avoid feeling the pain or such headaches. But since I'm pregnant i avoid taking certain medications. I asked my doctor first. For me, it's just simple: If a mother has great concerned of the baby inside her, she would be afraid of getting herself to self medication cause most of the over-the-counter supplements is a big no no to her baby.


ophra - September 5

my dear friends out there, i am very much enjoy reading this forum and i like to participate on this,to share with you my very own experienced. i was pregnant at that time then an influenza struck in our place that i was one of the inflected.then since i was pregnant i didn't take any medications but my fever was horrible, that my sister who was a midwife, advice me to take a paracetamol and i lean on it.i take an over-the -counter medication.
then, of course i felt horrible because of that incident,i expect to have a baby with defects.
and delivery came and i have a baby boy so much healthy. PRAISE GOD!


FANNIE - September 5

wonders of wonders if God is with us who could be against us. just trust in God if fear strike within us. two lives must be save when illness persist during taking the risk to have a medication at that situation can not be withhold.
taking over-the -counter supplements is a remedy when the needs arises.


mitch - September 8

well, for pregnant mothers just avoid taking over the counter supplements or any kinds of medication during's a good way of handling yourself and your baby. Be responsible! because the safety of your baby depends merely on you!!


charity - September 9

during my pregnancy, i always eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent from any illnesses because i'm afraid to take any medication even an over-the-counter supplements and medications. so my dear mothers take extra care during your pregnancy!


daisy * - September 9

I'm not in favor taking the supplements and medications during pregnancy since it can cause side effects to the fetus,it may not be seen physically but it may do harm to the brain or to its mental capacity.why take the risk? it can do a lot of concern to the whole family if ever side effects be presented to the unborn babies.
an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, as what the saying goes.


Meimei - September 9

Supplements and medications during pregnancy is to be taken if the needs arises but through the prescription from the doctor but not the over the counter medication or any supplements maybe tempt to be used by pregnant mother-to-be because of the convincing effects of the advertisements.


Beverly - October 29

Well, i doubt to have a medication during pregnancy because it's really not safe that's why I just don't try it.


Nilda - October 29

A pregnant woman should not take any medication even an over-the-counter one, unless she checks with her doctor first.


Aida - October 29

Well, as for me, I avoid taking drugs in the first trimester of my pregnancy. If ever I feel pain which is hard for me to endure, I just ask my doctor for the lowest dose possible to treat my condition.


Olive - October 29

As pregnant women, we should not be deprived of any drug therapy we really need because there are also some medications that have long history of being used in pregnancy without any problems..meaning they are safe to take.


Sheila - October 29

I have problems with high blood pressure, my doctor advised me not to quit taking drugs even during my pregnancy. She give me a safer drugs to treat my condition.


Vernie - October 29

For me, I know I'm supposed to take also my medication because of my asthma, but i'm very much worried about my baby, so i take less of it instead..coz I'm very much concerned with my baby's welfare than myself.


Central#2 - October 29

Over- the- counter supplements and medication during pregnancy is not advisable because it may give bad results to the baby, just ask the doctor about the illness that have been felt or if you are not feeling well,so that it can be given correct medication.



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