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possible pregnancy - help from experienced mums
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concernedboyfriend - April 18

Hi everyone. I'm hoping some people on here with experience of pregnancy on here can help me.

This week my girlfriend and I have thought she might be pregnant.

She's missed one period last month. Her period is due either this week or last week. Last week she experienced some of the symptoms. She said last week she had been feeling a little sick all day (though end of last week and beginning of this week, I don't think so). She's always loved her sleep, and getting up late in the afternoon. But recently more so than usual, although she just started back at college.

Although she's missed a period once before and she wasn't pregnant.

She usually gets strong period pains, and she had them last week. She said they were exactly like the pains from her period, but she hasn't had any bleeding. Her period usually comes at the end of month. Either this week or next week.

She's under a lot of stress. She's commuting over an hour to college every day and back. Then she's doing a part-time job for at least six hours three times a week. Plus homework.

She took a pregnancy test but it was negative. I'm sure she followed the steps correctly. I know she read the back very carefully.

However, she's eating a lot recently. She's eating more than me, which has never happened. Although I've had a lot of stress this week, and I'm not eating as much as I was before this week.

Also, I think she's having mood swings. Obviously someone who's had a week like hers would be very stressed, and mood swings would be understandable. Although she's stressed, and being a man I'm hardly qualified to judge what counts as mood swings.

She doesn't want a baby right now, but she does want a family with me in the future. We were in an extremely loving relationship, but she says after this week she can't think of me like she used to. Though she still loves me.

She suggested going to see the doctor though she doesn't want to go, because she wants to be free from this pregnancy worry as much as anything.

I want to be there for her. She's my best friend, and the only girl I can imagine having a future with. She's extremely loving and caring. I can't imagine a better mother for my kids.

Any experience anyone has would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much.



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