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Pre-natal Visits?
31 Replies
angandang - September 27

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what happens at the prenatal visits to the GP.


diary - September 28

For those newly pregnant women they must be informed that pre-natal visit is important so that they would be monitored of their situation. They must submit themselves to the ob-gynecologist who gives advises what they must do.


olay - September 28

You know, angandang, pre natal check up is very much important for the pregnant woman, the doctor would check up your blood pressure, your urine,and the position of your tummy, then your weight also monitored. You would be given advises on what to do and must not do.


Julie - September 28

Hi there! After me and my husband found out that I'm 2 weeks pregnant through a pregnancy test kit, we went automatically to our doctor and have my first pre-natal check-up. I know the importance of the pre-natal visit to my pregnancy.It's very much important for my situation and most importantly to the baby inside my womb.


dearly - September 28

I do agree with Julie. It's better to have the pre-natal visit as soon as possible. Only the doctor could give you the right information you wanna know regarding your pregnancy. So don't wait for your tummy to become bigger enough. Because the baby need the proper way on how they will be cared by you and by the experts.


daphne - September 30

Nice day to all the mothers! yes, I agree. If we mother really cared for our baby, then its' best that we consult a proper health experts. One way is to have a pre- natal visit as soon as possible.They will be able to tell us what's the pros and cons of pregnancy and we will be really guided on the things we need to do with ourself and our baby.


Hope - September 30

Hi! Angandang. Well, as far as I know. During my natal visits, the doctor gives me a series of check-up.They will check the hearth beat of my baby, monitor my blood pressure, my weight and the baby's weight also. i undergo different laboratory test. These things are important and consider as one of the best thing a pregnant mother should do during her pregnancy.


tennette - September 30

A pregnant woman is needed to have a pre-natal check up so that the fetus be monitored as it grows.It is important to have a check-up every month.You won't be worried about the payment because there are public clinic in every area, and no payment is asked. So take a heart to visit there!


Florey - September 30

Hi, there! Don't hesitate to visit to a gynecologist so that you should be secured in your present situation, if there's no gynecologist, even the midwives can do the pre-natal check up!Tell all your feeling,don't be too shy that makes you withhold the real situation/the real you.


cokeys - September 30

I am pregnant at this time, and I have been visited to the clinic to have my pre-natal, the doctors are very friendly, then I was given a vitamins to be taken up everyday.


prencess - September 30

pre-natal visits as we know that this is a requirements to those pregnant woman, the fetus inside be taken cared of through visiting the doctor every month,and when the expected date of delivery is nearly approaching the check up is closely monitored.


regla - October 1

If you are pregnant you must visit to the physician who are specializing about pregnancy in order to keep the fetus safe from infection and it grows healthy and strong and you'll be keep away from sickness; can sustain the pain upon delivery.


neri - October 1

Anyone who has a pre-natal check-up can be given advise of what to do during pregnancy period likewise she can have an assurance the safeness of conceiving.


jade - October 2

Well, during my pre-natal visit, the doctor asked me If I had any concerns or problems such as blurred vision, leg cramps, abdominal cramps or unusual headaches. I also undergo ultra sound and genetic test.


heather - October 2

Yap! that's right! We pregnant mothers know that pregnancy outcomes are better in women with early pre-natal care. I really don't have no doubt about it.


Sarah - October 15

A pregnant woman should have a pre natal visit so that the situation must be monitored carefully by the doctor and her pregnancy be safe.


Giengs - October 15

If you would not have a pre-natal visit, then you would not know the things that must do during the period.If you don't money there are offices that can have services which are free, only your self must be active in doing such things.



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