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Pre-natal Visits?
31 Replies
Giengs - October 15

If you would not have a pre-natal visit, then you would not know the things that must do during the period.If you don't money there are offices that can have services which are free, only your self must be active in doing such things.


Loulo - October 15

If you are pregnant? then you must have a pre-natal visits, don't take risk,by not submitting to a pre-natal.


Roqueta - October 15

In the pre-natal visits the doctor would get our blood pressure,our weight, and temperature, she/he monitored closely for our health. Then we will be given the exact medicine and vitamins needed for our body. Lastly we will be given also advices of what to do and what not to do.


Neitha - October 15

Don't hesitate to visit the doctor if you are pregnant, because he is the right person that can keep you out of danger. Remember, pregnant woman is in line to life and death situation.


Jolly - October 16

Prenatal visit is important to monitor your pregnancy health condition as well as your baby's health. That's why I never miss having my prenatal schedule.


Happy - October 16

Yes! every pregnant mother should not miss a prenatal schedule.I always look forward to have my prenatal visit because it assures my health and my baby's condition.I could able to asked also some inputs on what and what's not to do during my pregnancy stage.


Dinah - October 17

Well, i don't missed my pre-nantal visit because I know it's very important for me and to my baby.Everyday, i will be experiencing a lot of changes. I need to seek advices from my my doctor on what I need to do with those changes..most of all i want my condition to be monitored every now and then.


Love - October 17

Hi!i know how important it is to have a pre-natal visit. But on my part, if you feel you're just ok and so far, changes during pregnancy are quite normal and it's not that,no need for such pre-natal visit.


Rhoda - October 17

Yes, I too, during my 2nd pregnancy, i was very busy that I don't have time to visit a doctor for my pre-natal. But, so far my pregnancy was just good enough. I still deliver a very healthy and lively baby.


Susie - October 24

I had my prenatal visit yesterday. It's my first prenatal visit actually.During my visit, I had a pop smear and its really quite painful. My doctor also gives me a vitamin for good for my pregnancy. I had an ultra sound and be able to see my baby in the monitor was quite an experience also.


Linie - October 24

That's what good about prenatal visit because your condition will be monitored properly and you can be assured about your baby's condition also.


Desy - October 24

During the prenatal visit,I was given vitamins and I was also injected an anti tetanus vaccine for my additional pregnancy protection.I had fears before about injection but since it's good for my baby and me, I managed to conquer my fears.he!he!


Bubbles - October 27

I want to have this prenatal check-up because I know it's very important for my pregnancy. But i hate to travel coz I always felt dizzy that's why until now I was not able to have it. Hope we have a near clinic so i don't have any problem with regards to my prenatal check-up.


Cha-cha - October 27

Hi! Bubbles, I think in every places now there are already a certain women's clinic to have your prenatal check-up. Just try to inquire about it. I know their are lots of midwifes or doctor who could be more willing to undergo a prenatal check-up with you.


Hellie - October 27

yes, it's true..all you have to do is to have some inquiries about it.A prenatal check-up is very much important for us pregnant women. So, don't let it pass okey.


rinah - November 6

During the prenatal visit, you need to be honest with your doctor about your fears and concern. To have develop a good relationship and open communication to your doctor is very essential for your health and to your baby's health as well.



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