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Pregnancy Beliefs and Superstitions
36 Replies
Melanie - August 31

Often, we pregnant mothers may find people around us suddenly becoming more solicitous, offering advice- ranging from the mundane to the serious-on how to get through our full-term pregnancy.


Ericka - August 31

The pregnant woman might be cautioned against taking certain foods like fruits with dark peels if she wants her child to come out fair-skinned; or told to shun comic books depicting monsters lest her child come out with physical infirmities.


Hope - August 31

But it is best that we should remember that beliefs and superstitions and practices are part and parcels of our family life.The advice may not have any scientific of factual basis, and a pregnant woman may suddenly find herself in a cultural maelstrom, more when the advice-albeit well-meaning- comes from one's parents or in-laws.


Trinity - August 31

It's funny because some said that when there is a full moon,lore has it that the pregnant woman should place a black cloth on top of her womb to hide the child from bad spirits looking for fetuses.


Pearlyn - August 31

It is common , for instance, for people to comment that the shape of a woman's tummy will determine her child's gender-a round one means a daughter and a pointed tummy a son.


Shevah - August 31

Pregnant women are also advised to avoid hanging their underwear outside the house at night lest the scent of the baby in the womb attract bad spirits.


Melody - August 31

During the first months of pregnancy, it is widely believed that the qualities of the foods the woman craves may affect the child's physical appearance. It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to be cautioned against eating certain foods like duck embryo whose soft feathers resemble human hair; or eggplant, she risk having a child with distinct purple marks.


Cherryl - August 31

The expectant mother can just revel in the fact that she is not living in an unfeeling society. She can view the folk practices and beliefs as the tradition of a community that particularly looks after those tasked to bear the members of the next generation.


ites - September 5

Sorry, but i don't believe in any superstitious beliefs. During my first pregnancy, many people commented that my baby would be a girl cause my face or physical appearance did not change and that I had a beautiful aura. But when I had my ultra sound, it turned out that my baby was a boy. They even told me that the ultra sound made a mistake. But when I had my delivery, my baby was really a boy. And they no longer have anything to say about it.


Ra-ra - September 5

Before i used to believe in many superstitions. And yeah, most of what you've written, I overheard it too.But now, as long as i know what i do and what I eat is good, i don't care what the other would say. If I will entertain those beliefs in my mind, I always feel that I'm very much stressed out and much more afraid of doing what I know is best for me and for my baby.


ewewah - September 24

A friend told me, that she wanted that during her pregnancy period she must be alert and energetic and moreover she plan that in order to realize it she would crossed on top of her husband's body while he sleep so that he can be the one to have a morning sickness instead .
What is the connection of this belief to that matter?


babies - September 24

I wonder what is the connection of wearing a black panty in having a good delivery and likewise having a healthy baby . It is said that a witch's eyes is like an x-ray machine and it can see internally the baby and may know the sex organ of the baby . The witch would sip the blood of the baby, is it true?


Mandy - September 25

people around us may make suggestion about what to do when we become pregnant.and if we won't follow they would say that the new generation has its own world that as a matter of fact it is not a suggestion but it is a belief or just superstitious. we have our own minds and we are now in a hi-tech period then why we have to follow their beliefs?God knows our own destiny and we must trust on Him,God is good all the time!


audrey - September 25

hey, we are here in this world because our elders are protecting us, then why we would not listen to them?, they have their own experience for a long time and got wisdom through it, so we must hear their advices if it is just a superstitious as what you think we must show respect to them, in a nice way of making clarification we can achieve love and care from them.we have grown up now because of their care. so we must shelter to their wisdom even if we are in a hi-tech way of living.we must honor them.


Margarrette - October 4

I used to believe that during pregnancy there are witches who prowl around our house and devour the fetus
inside the womb if they could have a chance.
But now I don't believe it anymore because God is more powerful than those creatures of the devil, and I stand for it, nothing happens without the will of God.He loves us more than we love ourselves.


Charlen - October 4

oh, yes!, I'm with Margarrette's opinion, If God is with us who will be against us!


Alexis - October 4

Superstitions can be adopted or it could be not!There's a saying," nothing can be subtracted if we just follow ",but for me I have to weight the fact and cons of that certain topic or belief.
Just take care the baby in accordance to its situation.



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