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Pregnancy Beliefs and Superstitions
36 Replies
Alexis - October 4

Superstitions can be adopted or it could be not!There's a saying," nothing can be subtracted if we just follow ",but for me I have to weight the fact and cons of that certain topic or belief.
Just take care the baby in accordance to its situation.


stedie - October 4

Hi! may I join this forum? I've just a plain reader of any topic but I am hook by this topic, like what Ericka share to us,it attracts me so much,my question is this if both parents have dark skinned and the pregnant mother would just eat fruits with white peel then would the mother deliver a white baby?What do you think?
Believe in God's power!


ruvie - October 4

There's no harm in trying but in accordance to the will of God!We have to follow His commandment.
Pregnant woman, "I advice you to submit yourself to the will of God".


Dominga - October 17

There's a beliefs that a pregnant woman must wear black underwear so that the fetus inside the womb would be out of harm and danger from bad spirit that prawl through the earth,to devour the fetus in the womb.


Rollette - October 17

Oh! my Gosh!.. Is it true? But I think no one can conquer the power of Goodness. And to think it is just a belief . Have faith in God!!


Ruth - October 17

When I was pregnant, when I traveled to a far place I always brought with me a small stone so not to feel dizzy because all the time I feel dizzy and vomit to the maximum level of fainted. And that's the reason that I don't travel anymore in my pregnancy period but because of the advice of my grandmother...that was to bring stone every time in travel and it....Works.. believe me!


Aileene - October 17

What is it? That during eclipse the pregnant woman must not go out from home if she don't like to have a baby with physical defects because if she would be out in the home and she be timely hit the time of eclipse outside their home... she be expected to have a baby with physical defects,or the worst is to have experienced a MISCARRIAGE!


Lixie - October 17

Pregnancy beliefs and superstitious are just merely fiction. So, I don't believe in it. I trust in god above. He is more powerful than anything in the world.


Anne - October 17

Yes, i don't like such those false beliefs also. People who believed in it i think lacks faith in God. My pregnancy, i do what's good and right..and i trust and put my faith in God.. i know nothing bad will happen to me and my baby.


Faith - October 17

Yes, it's best to put our faith in God so nothing harm will happen to us pregnant mothers. We don't need to worry about any pregnancy beliefs and superstitious.God protects us from any harm and danger..just have faith!


Delpha - October 24

There are lots of superstitious beliefs about pregnancy. But it's up to us to believe it or not. I , as pregnant mother make a stand to believe only to what I know is proper and right.Your beliefs depends only on what you believe in..


Sally - October 24

Sure, everyone of us should make a stand whether we believe this kind of beliefs or not.It's really up to us. What we need is to dig deeper about the effects it would have to our pregnancy. May it positive or's important to know the truth.


Precy - October 24

For me, it's no good to believe such superstitious. Nothings wrong to some if they believe in it but for me it's a big mistake and it's a great sin from above because it lacks faith and trust in God.


Eula - October 24

Yeah, I do agree.I pity those people who still put their trust into superstitious beliefs. It's quite insane, don't you think?


Daffodil - October 24

Yes, it's quite pity. Much more to the pregnant mothers whom very much dependent to such superstitious beliefs that they would not eat,work and even make a decision without depending on those beliefs. I guess it they only know what big mistakes it believe.


Dahlia - October 24

Nothings wrong if we just believe in it. Nothing harm will happen to us and to our baby. Superstitious beliefs is there that serve as our warning.To make us away from any harm and danger.



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