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Pregnancy Discrimination
19 Replies
Claudette - August 26

I'm very much disappointed to think that I've given my best and worked well in the company I've been working for 2 years. But just recently, I was fired because of such reason that I am pregnant. Do you think what they've done is illegal? Can I file charges ? Please I need some answers. Thanks!


Elineth - August 26

To become pregnant is not an easy situation. It is a gift from God.Bringing another life within your body is a great joy because you are one of the chosen people to fulfill His will. God said, "Go to the world and multiply".So stand up and be proud in your present situation.Just do your best and let God do the rest.
Inhuman intentions will not prevail.
More power to you!


Cherry Ann - August 27

A troubling number of employers still view pregnant women-as-less-valuable employees. They assume such women will be frequently absent,easily distracted, and less committed to work, so they take away their jobs, their status or their responsibilities.


Geraldine - August 27

Pregnancy discrimination is your top complaint and I understand it affects you a lot.When times get tough, companies get so reckless. They know the government's enforcement agencies are underfunded and understaffed, so they figure they can get away with it.


Mayeth - August 27

Well, many women don't even press charges because pregnancy discrimination is difficult to prove, lawyers are hard to find and lawsuits take years to resolve.


Chona - August 27

I had a friend who had just delivered twins. One of the babies died, and the other was in the intensive care when the employer fired her and even terminated her health insurance. Believe me, hiring a lawyer is not a priority of my friend's life right now; getting a job to pay her bills is.


Lailah - August 30

It makes good sense, to inquire about a company's attitudes and policies relating to pregnancy. If you are pregnant negotiate leave and reinstatement provisions before you deliver. Get things in writing and send copy of the agreement to a third party within the company, in case a dispute occurs.


ellen - September 8

Hi!I would like to comment regarding this matter. I think for us pregnant women who are working. It's better that even in our situation, we will try to prove to everybody especially our Big Bosses that we still can do our job well. And that we can still manage to stay on our position because we will be working very hard for it.


sofia - September 8

Yeah, i guess pregnancy discrimination is all in the mind of some pregnant women who can't do their job much better. They're just thinking that they are being discriminated and look down on themselves because of their situation but actually, they are not.


claudette - September 8

Hi! I'm Claudette. I would like to disagree on what you're saying that it's all in our minds? That we are being discriminated? know what? it's easy for you to say because you did not experience the kind of treatment I'm getting. I did what I think is good enough for my previous company. Still, they fired me. But, will, i respect your opinion. But on your part, a little sympathy please..


chona - September 8

Hello, Claudette.Well, we're very much sorry about what's happened. But i guess, all you have to do right now is to move on and think of what's best for you and your baby. i have given you my friend as an example before,right? It seems to me you are already very emotionally stressed and it's not good. Just always look at the brighter side of life. God bless!


sofia - September 8

Claudette, my friend, sorry. I'm very very sorry for being so insensitive. But i did not mean anything bad. Yeah, honestly, i think if what happened to you, happens to me..I don't know also how to handle the situation. So again, sorry.


mystic - September 20

in the past pregnant woman was respected by the community, in a bus she be given a seat so she may not be placed in danger, I for one was treated special in the past era but at present time no more special treatment,as a matter of fact,a pregnant woman stand in a bus while riding, she even asked a teenager boy who was sitting beside her to exchange place with her but the boy reject it.


jaguar - September 20

I experienced also for being discriminated, in a way of being the first one to call a public vehicle but was not able to ride at that moment because of my pregnancy situation, I was rejected .
It hurt me.


potato - September 20

being discriminated is unavoidable because we are still living in a world which has plenty of indifference feelings, but a joy of having a baby can exalted us of being a chosen by God to do His plan.we may rejected but we are one of the chosen.


helen - September 20

in my part I am not discriminated but I am given a special treatment, I've given a nice place where I am not in a hassle to go up and down in the office.
thanks God,be a friend to all!


Sasy - October 31

There are really some people who discriminate us pregnant women. But I guess that depends only if we allow them to give us these kind of treatment. But if we know how to voice out and fight for our rights, we could be able to give them some lessons to ponder on themselves how wrongful their actions were and avoid doing it again.



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