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Pregnancy Exercise
20 Replies
Deviene - August 22

I"m Deviene, a 26 years old mom to be. I'm now on my 2nd trimester. I would like to ask if an expectant women like me can exercise? And when should we can start exercising?


Sheila - August 22

Yes, expectant women can exercise! Not only is exercising during pregnancy good for both you and your baby, it also can help you bounce back faster after you give birth.The sooner you start exercising, the better.


Lovely - August 24

It's a good idea to take some form of regular exercise if your current pregnancy[or previous ones}is free from complications. Exercise helps promote good posture, tones and strengthens muscles in the stressed areas{particularly the back,abdomen and pelvis},and improves blood circulation and psychological well being{among other benefits}


Thamerline - August 27

There are three other muscle groups aside from your heart that you should concentrate on when doing exercises. That is the back, abdomen and pelvic muscles. Strengthening your back muscles to improve your posture will reduce the strain of pregnancy on your lower back.Strong abdominal muscles will make it easier for you to support the increasing weight of your baby.And the pelvic muscles will prevent urinary incontinence and make the perineum less likely to tear during childbirth.


Famie - August 31

Exercise is best. There's increasing medical evidence to show that exercise, even vigorous workout, is healthy during pregnancy. Those pregnant women who exercised vigorously were more likely to carry their babies to full term compared with women who exercised less or not at all.


Zaide - August 31

Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bicycle, and joining a prenatal aerobics class are all excellent exercise choices for a pregnant woman.


Sharamie - August 31

Exercise that require jerky, bouncy movements and being outside in hot weather are not good choices,though. Don't try deep knee bends, sit-ups and toe touches. Other sports to avoid include rock climbing and horseback riding.


Shanely - August 31

Wear supportive bra and properly fitting athletic shoes while exercising. Stop if you feel dizzy, faint,overheated or in pain. And don't forget to drink plenty of water.


Mercy - August 31

Staying in shape will help you keep up your stamina during your own impending marathon-labor! And, afterward, the more muscle mass you have, the quicker you'll your pre-pregnancy shape and be able to pack away those maternity outfits.


Lily - September 26

Good day! Exercise is safe for pregnant women. I do this a couple of times and I've found out it's very much effective. In fact, my doctor advised me to exercise as much as possible.


mariel - September 26

Shaloom! There are some exercises that are specifically designed for pregnant women. For me, I do swimming. I experience a nice and comforting feeling when I swim.


haley - September 29

We,pregnant woman, can exercise in accordance to physically standing of our bodies, and in fact an article of an expert wrote that exercise is good for a
pregnant woman so they can sustain the pain of their labor.I agree with this article.


February 28 - September 29

Pregnancy exercise, is much better than sleeping and sitting all the time, the pregnant woman needs to move and do some exercises for the whole nine months but during the expectant time or one week before she may do the minimal exercises or just a simple walking.


Ivey - September 29

I am now pregnant for six months now, and I'm doing regularly my exercises and I've been good in my feeling and disposition till this time, I also do my facial exercise. and my friends told me that i look nice in my pregnancy period. Thanks to God*


Myer - September 29

Some woman feel weak during their pregnancy period it is due to the movements of the hormones from head to toes,but they must needed to exercise so they can have strength during their delivery time.


Gegerths - September 29

Exercise is advisable to pregnant woman. So their condition can stand the pain of their labor time.Moreover the baby inside the womb would also become active.


Jhudiel - September 29

I am with the opinion of exercising even if pregnant, I am with their side , a pregnant woman may need to sustain of whatever pain they can have in times of delivery and so much of their breathing must be in regular level and thus can be acquired through exercise.



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