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Pregnancy with PCOS
3 Replies
Jadey x - November 25


I have been diagnosed with PCOS, i have not yet started any medication or treatment as my Doctor said he wants me to try and conceive without any help for a year and if i am unsuccessful they will help.

I am just wondering if anyone has conceived naturally with PCOS or even with the drugs e.g. Chlomid, if so, how long did it take?



mycherryhip - December 26

hello jadey i am 27 and have suffered with pcos for the past 6 years also endimetrosis i have been on metformin for the past 4 years and tried clomid about 3 years ago which made me ovulate but i did not conceve. this past year i have lost 4 stone in weight and i had a scan done 2 months ago which showed that i only have 1 syst left when a year ago i had 15 on one side and 13 on the other.
but my main reason for replyin to u is because a few days ago i done a test about the 100th one since iv been trying and it is positive so dont give up hope it can and will happen!!!!!!
now i just face the fears im scared to fart in case something goes wrong lol
but i have faith and so should u if ur ment to be a mum (which we all are) then it will happen u just gotta wait untill it is ur time, i know this is hard!!!
also my mother in law recently brought me a corn doll which is meant to help???
dont know if this is y it finaly happend or it was the weight loss or it was just my turn!!
but u will get urs
good luck keep those legs in the air lol


Kat7 - January 11

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and still have severe symptoms! I tried with a long-term partner for 4yrs to have a child along with numerous tests inc Clomid, Laparoscopy, Metformin etc and nothing ever happened..... 6yrs on (now new partner) after losing weight and taking 500mg of metformin 4X daily, eating healthily, stopping smoking, I am now 12wks pregnant at the age of 36 and so far all's well :)(stopped taking Metformin now while pregnant)I believe the diet and Metformin has helped my infertility although it took many yrs to do it. Its a long road but well worth sticking to!! I accepted at one time I would never be where I am today so please dont lose hope no matter how long it takes!!


july18 - May 14

Hi i need some help i have a 5 year old which i conceived naturally and very quickly but have been trying for a 2nd for 3 years and no look i was diagnosed with pcos and was sent on to the hospital then before me appointment came around it was cancelled and i was sent somewere else this has went on now for around a year i finally seen someone the other day and was told there was nothing they can do which i know is absolute rubbish i am starting now to get very frustrated and very disheartened and was home someone might be able to shed some light at the end of the tunnel e.g. things i can try myself with out doctors support or story of there own thanks



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