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Pregnant with a coil fitted?
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Ally0802 - March 7

Back in September/October, I went to the doctor numerous times about awful bloating and abdominal pain. I then started to experience headaches, tiredness and nausea and although I didnt think possible, I decided to take a hpt just incase and found out I was pregnant at the end of October. Because of the pains, I was immediately admitted to hospital as they suspected it might be an eptopic pregnancy. They couldn't see anything on the ultrasound so they did a laparoscopy and the baby was in my womb and fine. (they removed my appendix though, thought it might be cause for the pain) By now I was 4 weeks pregnant. I opted for a termination, but was advised that it may be best to wait a while so I can rest and start to heal from my operation.
At 8 weeks, on the 23rd December, I had a vacuum aspiration abortion, and they also fitted an IUD (non hormone coil). I've had troubles with it ever since. My first period started on the 15th of January and was 3 weeks long, the bleeding was heavy and I had a lot of pain. The doctor gave a tablet to reduce the bleeding, and my period stopped on the 4th February.
Shortly after, I bled a few times after sex and kept feeling my coil strings hanging outside my vagina, but when I went to the doctors she said it was completely fine and that the strings with come out from time to time and then tuck themselves back up.
Because of my three week period in January, I have no idea when my period is due or how my cycle works, but it's now the 7th March, I've still not had a period and I've been getting the same kind of pregnancy symptoms as before: headaches, water infection, nausea, going off certain foods and smoking, and being really sensitive to some smells. I don't know if it's just me being paranoid or whether theres a posibility of me being pregnant. I did a home pregnancy test last night and again this morning, both came back negative, but then maybe it's too early to tell? Has anyone else been pregnant on the coil? Could it have dislodged itself when the strings were hanging out? If it's too early to tell, is it going to be too early for a doctor to tell aswell?


Suzzane - June 11

you could be pregnant. just in case you are, there is no way it could be a normal pregnancy since you have an IUD. there is a chance that i could be an ectopic pregnancy.



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