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Preparing Big Sister For Baby
32 Replies
Allysa - August 26

I'm three months pregnant and have a five-year-old daughter whom I think is spoiling greatly. When I tell her that she's going to have a baby brother or sister, she pouts and runs to her Dad. What can we do to prepare her?


Jay Rica - August 26

Pouting and running to her dad may be your daughter's way of expressing her jealousy about the coming baby as a threat to her relationship with you and your husband. To minimize the jealousy, reassure your daughter that you love her just as much as the baby. When the baby arrives, be sure to reserve a special time just for your daughter. As much as possible, include her in taking care of the baby so she'll feel like a big sister and will not feel left out.


Clarizze - August 28

Good motivation is needed for your daughter. Use pictures of a little girl looking gently to an infant.
Day by day let your daughter touch your stomach with a gentle words for her to excite for the coming of her younger sister/brother.


mildred - September 18

Hello! just explain to your child that having a new baby doesn't mean she will be ignored but instead, she will be more loved and appreciated. A good and serious explanation on your part can open the mind of your child to accept her new role of being a big sister.


dionne - September 18

Yes, that's right. When we had our 2nd baby, our baby boy who's 3 yrs old then would find it hard to understand why he needs to have a baby brother or sister. But from day to day, we explain to him how important is his role to the baby inside my womb,he was able to understand everything..even in his young mind,we know he is already ready to be a big brother. And he did!


love143 - September 18

Yes, just have a heart to heart talk with your daughter. She'll understand. Just make sure, you will still give her the same treatment, love and care that she needs even now that you'll be expecting another baby in the family.


julie - September 18

Nice to know we have this kind of forum to be able to give and asked for any advices. On this issue, i think all of us mothers should be open to our children about the matters that involves them. i understand that Allysa's daughter was not yet prepared to be a big sister coz she used to be the only baby in the family, all the love and attention is in her and afraid that having another younger baby in the family, means a threat to her. But yes, i also agree with those of you who said that a serious and open conversation will do. You should be honest enough to tell your child nothing will ever change. She will still be special.Hope with this, she will be able to embrace the fact that she will soon be a big sister.


nellie - September 18

Us parents, our role is to give our children proper explanation. That's why I agree with all of you guys who give an open and heart to heart talk with all your children. Mine, my children is indeed happy to know we have the up coming new member of the family. My sons and daughter is very much excited with our 4th baby. I'll be delivering another baby girl next month..and they're prepared to do their role as big bros and sis to their younger baby sister. praise God!


Flory - September 20

A child may think that the baby inside the womb is her opponent that her parent may no longer love her. That is why she doesn't like to see her mother become pregnant. What may do to her is to give her extra love and care so she won't scared of the idea of having another baby in the family.


beach - September 20

give the child an assurance that she is still love by the all members of the family and let her feel excited the coming of the baby so that she will love her sister/brother dearly.


senyorita - September 20

prepare the child that her the baby inside the tummy will became her playmate, a rival instill in the minds of the child that her incoming playmate must be given attention and love.


merie - September 25

To elder brothers and sisters they must be prepared for being in that certain rank, the parents should motivate the child the role of being a big brother/sister to the coming baby,with an assurance the they would not be neglected in love and care of their parents.


seny - September 25

an assurance of love and care of the child can vanish the minds of the child their fears of not being love and care by their parents, they must be given an attention of their needs, they must be shown how to stand in their own feet in their own little ways whenever their are problem that may crop up.


lily - September 25

It must have an understanding that the child would be expectant to have a baby sister, with full of love she enjoy to touch the tummy of her mother which in that touch is intended to her baby sister, this may make the child to feel in love of her younger sister/brother.


Naty 13 - September 25

How does a child react when she knows that her mother is pregnant? It should be studied before the parent do some moves. A child doesn't know what is inside the tummy of her mother but she could notice that the mother's tummy show bigger and bigger as the days go by, the reaction of the child is the stepping stone to explained the reality of the situation, explained with deep child like way of understanding.


rickeit - September 25

Call the child let her small hands touch your tummy,then hug her with full of love explained to her everything that is really happen to you;what is inside your tummy,then the next event she can have a baby sister, let her talk what is her feeling,if is a negative reaction, in an instant kiss her and hug her so she could have an assurance that her baby sister is not a competent of your love.


ember - November 7

I always make my big kids know that they will have their little baby soon. I make them feel the movement of my baby in the womb and they kind of excited as much as me and their dad did, when we found out that I'm pregnant.



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