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Reading a book during pregnancy make smarter babies
26 Replies
Famie - September 26

hello! can I asked for your opinion? I'm pregnant..actually this is my first time. Some people say to me that reading a book to my baby in the womb will make my baby smarter. is this true?


mrs. nice - September 26

hello also to you my dear Famie. Well,there have been studies showing that those children whose mothers read a book to them while in the womb have better IQ. I for sure, have done this but it's not because of the idea that I could have smarter kids in the future but because i also love reading any sorts of books. Well, my kids now do well in school. So, possibly i think it's true.


lilia - September 26

Hi! I for myself, read a lot of books also during my 3 times of pregnancy. But with the 3 kids I'm having, not all of them do well in their studies. Two of my kids I could say have better cognitive skills but the other one is just an average. This I guess, are not yet conclusive, but there's no harm in reading to your baby during your course of pregnancy. Just try it for your self.


Kate - September 26

Good point you have there lil. But for me, the proper explanation I could share to you regarding this matter is that it depends on the parents genes. For sure, smarter kids usually comes from smarter parents,right? But yeah, there's no harm in reading a book to your baby inside your womb, who knows? What if it's true?


Dianne - September 26

Yap!it's definitely all in the parent's genes. Even if a pregnant mother loaded herself with so many books to read, and being smart enough is not in their genes,then reading is just a waste of time.


mclee - September 26

Reading a book during pregnancy is I think makes good development to the fetus, how can you make the baby would love in reading? It is trained before its delivery through reading where it is still inside the womb, and its cognitive development is triggered by the desire of the mother to read.


Generous - September 26

If the mother- to- be is very much concerned about the cognitive skills of the fetus inside her womb she would make it possible through reading so that the fetus would love also in doing it when it grows since it acquainted already when it is still in the womb.


joven - September 26

a smart kids can be form inside the womb of a mother, yes,since its development if the mother is smart enough in shaping the baby, the mother should read a lot of books in order that the baby may turn witty.


Juniel - September 26

It is through reading that the child maybe build up to become smarter,but the pregnant woman may select a reading material which is educational or informative then the baby become smarter as it grown through the years.


october - September 26

Hi! Do you like to have a smarter kids? Of course! every mother like to have it, then reading a book is one of the factors to make it in reality.
Smarter kids can be handed to next generation but it may also realize through giving attention to the baby from its mother.


Gina - September 26

Yes, I do agree with this.I always read a book when I had my pregnancy. My kids turned out to be smarter than the other kids in their class. I shared this to my friends and they also do have smarter kids like me.


lionea - September 27

hello friends! I am pregnant at this moment and I would like to know more about the correct way of raring a child to become a smart baby.And because of this topics I learned that to make a child being smart; one of the factor is to read a book for a child while it is still in the womb.I have done it now ,hopefully this may give good result. Thanks!


donret - September 27

Yes I've tried it already, and it is effective to my children.But be cautious not to read pornographic or any malicious selection.
It is true! My children are all professional and they graduated with honors.Try it!


neisie - September 27

A smarter child is coming from a smarter parent.If the parents are witty,it is expected that they can have a witty offspring. It is like a good company can produce good products.
It is also coupled by outside factor which is reading good books to a child since it is still in the womb till at present.


lormeil - September 27

You know it's true, try it. I've been doing it since my 1st child till to my 4th child and it is shown to their achievement in school, anyway you can be happy when you read an educational selection,you can expect your child to be smart at the same time you will enjoy in your
more power!


naty - September 27

Reading is a good hobby. When you read an article and you read it allowed you can achieve the tendency of being a good reader and fluent in your speaking, moreover the fetus inside the womb of a mother may have gotten that kind of tendency,be smart so as your child gain the expected smarter attitude.


Trusty - October 10

This is true because I've experimented it to my 1st baby I tried it and it works, and my child until now, who is now in her Grade Six, she is the smartest among the other pupils.



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