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Reading a book during pregnancy make smarter babies
26 Replies
Trusty - October 10

This is true because I've experimented it to my 1st baby I tried it and it works, and my child until now, who is now in her Grade Six, she is the smartest among the other pupils.


Ellenoise - October 10

Reading is good. And a pregnant mother who reads a book to her baby inside her womb is one of the most precious acts of love and concerned a mother could give to her baby. I'm doing this also and hope the rest of you will also follow. It's really good.


Catty - October 10

Let's give our baby a good start in life and education starting inside our womb.Reading is one! I believe that it will definitely gives us smarter kids.


Rizzalyn - October 16

During my first pregnancy, I had a friend that told me about reading a book could make smarter babies. I have tried it.. and well, as of now my baby performed well in school both in academic and extra-curricular. So, I could say that it's really quite true.


Jane - October 16

Well, I need to have try it myself and see the result from my baby later in schooling.he!he! Thanks for the info. I love this forum it always gives me lots of tips and info about almost everything. Thanks again and more power to all of you guys!


landmines - October 16

yes, its true because as you read the books the baby inside the womb is also reading and listening to what is your doing and it may affect to its mind and heart.So it is smarter than to those babies whose mother doesn't want to read a book while there is a baby inside the womb.


kitchen - October 16

Reading is the beginning of learning, while the mother is reading a book , of course the baby is listening whose faculties which are its uses have its shared from its mother and as the reading goes on and on the baby unmindful become smarter than to the other.


Lily d great - October 16

During pregnancy a smart woman must think that a baby can be molded through reading of books that even if its still in the womb it already knows the happenings of the world it shall live on. Then it may become smarter.


Nickyflor - October 16

We all want to have a child who are smarter than the other so that he can manage the world when he grows. But how can we make him to be what we want him to be?
Simple formula, read the books which give him an enlightenment of what should him to understand the fact of the world, the fact of life, then you have him smarter than the other. At the same time you are also enjoy in your reading. Read and read an get the amazing result of your child as he grows.


Didieth - October 16

Read to become smarter but in my situation of which I can not read for a length of times because my eyes are defected, what do I do is to listen to the story and also music through the tapes in Cd's.
Work for a smarter kids because they are going to be a leaders in the future.


chit - November 7

My mother used to tell me when I was little that the reason that I grow smart and do will in school is because she was reading a book to me when I was still in her womb. That's why now that I'm pregnant also with my first baby, I try to follow my mother and read also a book to my baby even she's still in my womb and hopefully could get the same good result.



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