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Secondhand Smoke Affects Pregnancy
30 Replies
Joanne - August 22

Hi! I'm presently working in a bar. I'm also very much pregnant. Unfortunately, my kind of work was very much exposed with in and out smokers. I'm very much bothered. How does secondhand smoke affect my pregnancy?


Miah - August 24

Smoking is not recommended during pregnancy.If you smoke or inhale smoke while you are pregnant,you are at greater risk of having a premature or underweight baby.Incidence of fetal malformation and miscarriage is also higher in mothers who smoke.Sudden infant death syndrome has also been linked to having a smoker in the family.


Cliff - August 30

If you are exposed to smokers there's a tendency that you can inhale the smoke of their cigarette and you are entitled as a second hand smokers.Then your health is in danger and also the fetus inside your womb.


Sigudron Dis - August 30

My husband was a chain smoker, and I was pregnant at that time. Every day I could inhale the smoke. Then I deliver a blue baby.
Hoping it won't happen to others.
Secondhand Smokers really affects pregnancy.


Tenette - August 30

There is an advertisements that says,"Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health". I agree with that.
So everybody is in danger while walking outside the home and may encounter people who are addicted in smoking that even in front of so many people they can't withhold their cravings to smoke. So much in danger the pregnant woman and the fetus inside the womb.


lory5 - September 4

i can not understand why other people crave for cigarette smoking. it is a public knowledge that it is dangerous to health but an unmindful person in my own experience blow the smoke of his cigarette inside the public vehicle where i ride pregnancy is noticeable but he didn't mind my situation.
i'm afraid if there might something happen to the fetus inside me because of that incident.


thea - September 5

I used to smoke before but now that I'm pregnant i stopped it. it's not easy but since i know its dangerous for my baby so i really tried to cut that bad habit of mine. i also told some of the members of our family to quit smoking because of my present situation, they respect my request and try not to smoke whenever I'm around. Probably they also know the bad effects of a secondhand smoke to my baby.


cheilo - September 5

Hi! I really hate smokers. To inhale their cigarette smokes is dangerous to all people much more to pregnant mothers like me. That's why many times, whenever I could no longer avoid getting into a situation of having smokers around, I immediately told them. Hey! I'm pregnant,please could you stop it or kindly do it outside? Thanks God! They also follow.. I guess, they don't want to see a pregnant mother get mad!


justine - September 18

Yes, if i have the power..i will definitely band all the smokers in the world. Good if they are the only one being affected. But the problem is, they can affect even the non smokers who can inhale their smokes. Much worst is they can affect also the young fetus inside the mother's womb.Unfortunately, many of them doesn't even care. Still continue on smoking even if they are in the presence of pregnant women. Where are their conscience?


Restless - September 18

Hi,Justine..I just want you to know that I used to smoke before. I love the smell of the cigarette smoke and I was raised from a family of smokers that's why I was very much hooked to this kind of vice. But when I found out that I was pregnant. I stopped smoking immediately..It's not easy but for the sake of my baby i think i need to sacrifice. I care for my baby's health. Everybody in the family know the risk of secondhand smoke to my baby that's why they tried not to smoke if I'm around/with them. I think with this situation I'm sharing you, you will also know that their are also smokers who still have conscience.


Justine - September 18

I understand. Sorry for being so judgmental.It's nice to know you quit the habit of smoking for the sake of your baby. I'm proud of you..Just stay on the right tract!!


Antoine - September 30

Definitely! it's good that we pregnant women should stay away from smokers and places that were pro smokers. They will give us and our baby more harm than good.


Birthy - September 30

I hope that those who smoke would just smoke to a place where it can not distract to people who are non smoker. It can greatly affect to the non-smokers the smoke of the cigarette from the users as a matter of fact it is more hazardous to the the non-smokers than the smokers since the cigarette has a filter that protect to the smokers.
It is much more dangerous to the pregnant woman!


fanny - September 30

Yes, secondhand smoke affects pregnancy, it may cause the baby become sickly as it grows, so you, pregnant woman,you must bring with you always a handkerchief so that when there are smokers around you can cover immediately your nose so that you cannot inhale the smoke from the cigarette of the conscienceless smokers.


Adelfa - September 30

I am very lucky that I was able to quit smoking and I don't want that my children could notice me that I smoke so with the guidance of the holy spirit I was able to stop my vices of smoking. It really affects my second child and I feel regrets of that incident.


auntie - September 30

I can affect the pregnant woman as well as the baby in the womb,How come that the smokers can have a conscience of smoking in the public unmindful to those around, who don't like to smoke,


red - September 30

Don't exposed yourself to the smokers zone so that the baby inside you might be affected of the smoke. Think of your baby's situation so that in the near future you won't regret it. If ever you can find anew job transfer yourself to the safest place where you are not exposed to the smokers. Think fore most the goodness of your baby.



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