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Secondhand Smoke Affects Pregnancy
30 Replies
red - September 30

Don't exposed yourself to the smokers zone so that the baby inside you might be affected of the smoke. Think of your baby's situation so that in the near future you won't regret it. If ever you can find anew job transfer yourself to the safest place where you are not exposed to the smokers. Think fore most the goodness of your baby.


project 3 - October 16

Of course," Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health",then how come it persist? Do we agree that it is for our own health that we would not like to try it?


percentage - October 16

Don't smoke, pregnant woman, your baby may acquire an illness due to smoking. Think of the baby inside your womb.Don't be selfish! And be aware also to those who smoke near you,cover instantly your mouth so you could no be able to breath in the smoke!


Celi - October 16

Yes, definitely! Secondhand smoke could affects pregnancy. That's why as pregnant mother I always careful enough..I stay away from smokers because i know how harmful and dangerous it will give to my baby.


Minda - October 16

Yes,cigarette smoke or even the secondhand smoke is very very much harmful to the baby inside the mother's womb. I hope those smokers out there could also be watchful enough to avoid smoking if there are pregnant mothers in the area.


Alexde - October 16

Smoking affects our health, it can destroys our lungs. Even how healthy the man is if he/she smoke it is possible that his/her lungs would be sooner or later becomes damaged.But the question is, can it affects the non-smoker persons? Yes, it can, because the smoke of the cigarette of the smokers can be inhale to those persons near them, the smokers. And to think it is very dangerous to the 2nd hand smokers. much more to the pregnant, the fetus might be affected.


Rowand - October 16

Pregnancy is in fragile situation the woman in this situation is prone to any illness if she is weak. So it is needed that she must be protected by healthy foods and vitamins and a smoke free surroundings.Even if the pregnant woman is not a smoker but to become a 2ndhand smoker is more dangerous, it can really affects the fetus and to the mother.


Helene - October 16

Be aware, pregnant woman that 2ndhand smokers can harm the baby inside the womb and also to your health, of course, but to prevent this it is to move away from the place where you can inhale the smoke of the smokers., Be practical in your decisions in order not to get the illness that might attack to you. There's a saying that says "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."


Melody - October 21

If there is fire there is smoke and if the smoke might be inhaled by a person what could be the effect? The cough would right away comes in to the body and it takes minutes or hours before it disappear. But what if it brought an illness to our body? So it can also be pictured through this scenario if other person in our environment is smoking ;the pregnant near him may be become a 2nd hand smoker and the result would make the pregnant woman sick, then it ca also affect the fetus inside the tummy.


Violet - October 21

If the second hand smoke affects pregnancy, what if the pregnant woman herself is the smoker? Then it is very dangerous to the health of the mother and much more dangerous to the fetus.


Cicle - October 21

Do you know how to be keep away to be become an affected to the smoke of the cigarette? Yes, it is true it can be prevented if the pregnant woman is determine to herself not to mingle to smokers,and bring always the needed mask,so to be keep away from any disastrous illnesses.


Addethe - October 21

For sure it can affects our health and so also to the fetus. But how it works? It is very dangerous it is our lungs be affected and the pregnant woman would become ill and the worst is the fetus might be in danger.


Melon - October 21

It has been known that smoking can have a great bad side effects but why is it that there are people who don't think for the goodness of all!Do they don't have conscience? I don't think so!


LOrren - October 24

I had a friend who's very much into smoking even if she's pregnant already. No matter what reminders and advices, we friends gave to her about the bad effects of smoking to her health and to the baby in her womb, she never did listen to us. That's why now, she's suffering the guilt of having an abnormal child. I pity her so much.But it's too late to start all over again..


Ivy - October 24

What a sad story, but I guess no one to be blame but herself if only she knows how to listen, then she would not suffer the guilt she's having. Secondhand smoke is very dangerous to pregnant women, how much more if the pregnant mother smoke and inhale the cigarette herself. What an irresponsible mother she was to her baby!



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