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Sex During Pregnancy
41 Replies
Julia Esperanza - August 22

I'm in my 4th months of pregnancy. My husband is very much active into sex. Is a pregnant woman can still have sex? Is it safe?


Fredah - August 28

It is safe and it doesn't caused any damages to the child. Give-in to your husband because it is one of the wives obligation as long as you are also in the state of happiness and satisfaction.


Helmie - August 28

Yes a pregnant woman can still have a sex and it is safe.But be sure you are in a safe position.
Your husband as you have said is very much active into sex.So submit to his need.
It is a fulfillment of a married life, even if you are pregnant,it is a sign also of love,satisfy your husband!Because there are many temptations outside your home.


Rowly - August 28

Sex is healthful for the couple who is in love each other.If it is agreeably done by them.
But how about if the one is hesitant to do so because she is pregnant? It might be unsatisfied feeling of the other one would take place.So chaos creep-in in their relationship.
Pregnant woman can still have sex.


sharpier - September 4

the joy of having sex is good to our health. but it must be done with the agreement of the two players.they both understand why they must do it.
pregnant woman can still have sex. it is a way to have closeness of the couple.but they must be both healthy so that satisfaction would envelope at the end of the play.


Hazel - September 5

Hello there! I'm also pregnant. And just like your husband, my husband is very much into sex even now that I'm pregnant. Before it was said that sex is not good during pregnancy. But during my first pregnancy, we did not stop having sex. If we kind of like it, we do it. It feels good actually. So far, our first baby came out healthy. Now,we are still doing it cause we've proved it already that sex is good even during pregnancy.


stella - September 5

Hi! I love to have sex also even now that I'm already pregnant. I keep on asking my husband bout it but he would not give into my desire. I don't know but i felt hurt every time he refused my offer. I told him I asked the doctor already and it's safe. But he still don't want to. Before when i was not yet pregnant, he is always on the mood of having sex. But now, I don't know.


mercury - September 5

Good day Stella.I also had the same sentiments with you before when i was pregnant with my first baby. My husband always refused my offer to have sex. I felt ugly and unattractive. but when i asked him straight about it, I understand his reasons. He told me nothings change. He just want me to have a very relaxed pregnancy. And the pressure of us having sex is not part of it.


chavet - September 10

Sex makes bonding to the two persons who are in love. Sex during pregnancy can enliven the couples in their relationship.
During my pregnancy, my husband and I can still have sex.At first, we were hesitant to do it but by the physicians mouth that sex is good to our health,so we have done it, in every time the needs arises.


glory - September 10

hello! my close friend told me that she doesn't like to have sex during her pregnancy because she doesn't feel satisfaction in there play.she may not like her husband to come home because she won't like to have sex with her husband. not that she doesn't in love her husband but her feeling is that,the baby might got dirty.


chit lee - September 10

glory, erase from your mind the falsity that sex makes the baby dirty it is not true,it is the way to bind the two hearts it because you love each other not in a way of having it for lust only.but talk to each other heartily the real purpose of your sexual play.


mellou batflor - September 12

i'm glad you have this topic,it is an attractive to be share with, i am so much in love of my husband that i don't like him to be disappointed every time we made sexual play even if i am pregnant.and with God's blessings our relationship still going on and we have healthy children.
more power to all!!!


Hazel - September 26

YES. During my first pregnancy. Me and my husband make love almost every night. Depending of course with our mood and if were both not tired from work. However, we refrain from having sex during the advanced staged of my pregnancy because that was the doctor's advice. Our first baby came out okey and healthy. So, indeed sex is really safe even during pregnancy.


Sheila - September 26

I agree, sex is definitely safe during pregnancy. But of course it is best to a pregnant woman to ask first her doctor if in case she have any other apprehensions about engaging on sexual contact with her partner during pregnancy.


reah - September 26

Well, for me even if I know it's safe I really don't want to engaged in sex because I don't feel comfortable doing it and so does my husband. We both don't like the idea.


Hazel - September 26

Yeah, I understand. Not all pregnant women accept the idea if having sex during pregnancy. I respect your opinion. You have the right to refused not to have it as of now that you're still pregnant. Lucky for you that you and your husband both have the same feelings about it.Take care!


Tuliep - September 26

Well and good that your husband is still very much active in sex.Sexual intercourse is one way to bind the two hearts together,Pregnant woman can still experience sexual play, it can not harm the fetus inside.



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