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Sex During Pregnancy
41 Replies
Tuliep - September 26

Well and good that your husband is still very much active in sex.Sexual intercourse is one way to bind the two hearts together,Pregnant woman can still experience sexual play, it can not harm the fetus inside.


Dobert - September 26

Don't hesitate to give-in to your husband because the couple needs it to be done even if you are pregnant.Pregnancy is not the reason not to have sexual play with your husband but do it for the goodness of your relationship.


chearie - September 26

It is very much safe to do it, pregnancy may not a barrier of having sex, as a matter of fact it can help to have a nice atmosphere of your living,and it doesn't harm the fetus inside. Don't be afraid to make a sexual play, any way he is your husband and the father of your baby. Good luck!


Rhea - September 30

Hi! I'm not into sex during pregnancy, sorry. For me, I don't have the confidence enough to performed such act to my husband. I don't like the way I look at my body in the mirror. that's why, whenever i sense that my husband wants to have sex with me, I always told him I have a headache.


nienen - October 1

Sex is a spice of life and in doing this to a relationship between the husband and wife it can give so much closeness to them. Even pregnant woman can have sex with her husband, it can harm the fetus inside the womb. It is safe to do.
more power to you!***


Bernadette - October 17

Sex during pregnancy can make the relationship healthy and strong between the husband and the wife, so why is it it is taken for,granted by the couple, no sex no bonding. Pregnant woman is the one who take as the driver .


Meletonie - October 17

Why is it the pregnant woman is hesitate to make sex of their husband it can do no harm to the fetus but instead it build closeness to the couple.


Helen - October 17

Sex during pregnancy is quite good. I like the feeling coz i don't feel any's like I'm having my exercise routine. It's safe so i don't having anything to worry about.


LUche - October 17

Yes,my husband and I do it as if I'm not pregnant. We always feel the thrill and satisfaction. We're not hesitant to do it because our Doctor confirms us that its safe as long as you will not go beyond your limit.


Hope - October 17

Yes, I do agree because my friend had sex with his husband during her pregnancy..probably they go beyond their limitations..because she got spotings and then had her miscarriage.


Halley - October 27

Sex during pregnancy is a mix of both excitement and fun. It's a wonderful feeling which i like it so much. Plus I got to exercise with so much sensation and thrill.he!he!


Paula - October 27

Who says, sex is bad for pregnant women? Sex is good even for pregnant women. Me and my husband were shocked when my doctor recommended it to us..but we both felt happy. At last we need not to control our sex urge anymore.he!he!


Alexa - October 27

Yes, it's's definitely safe and husband and wife need not to worry about the effects of it to the pregnant mother. But if the pregnant woman is not healthy enough or she experience some pregnancy complications, then i think sex is not good for them.


Liatta - October 27

So, that means to say that sex during pregnancy is really depends upon the health condition of the pregnant woman,right?


HOpe - October 27

Yes, sex during pregnancy has it's own pros and cons. If as pregnant woman you think you can managed it, then you are in your best health condition, then do it. But if you have some hesitations because of your unstable health condition, then better not do it.


Kayla - October 27

Yap, so before you try it and have sex during your pregnancy days, just make sure if you're in your best health condition and be careful if you do it..don't forget their are certain limitations..because you are pregnant already.



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