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Sex During Pregnancy
41 Replies
Kayla - October 27

Yap, so before you try it and have sex during your pregnancy days, just make sure if you're in your best health condition and be careful if you do it..don't forget their are certain limitations..because you are pregnant already.


Reabel - October 27

How nice for the two couple who can still have sex even if the pregnant is on her way to make a delivery, As a matter of fact, there are studies which says that sex can help in an easy delivery.


Tanya - October 27

having sex during my pregnancy period is as enjoyed as not pregnant, the couple must make an agreement that it must be done with care and satisfaction to both of them.


Springfield - October 27

What is the difference between the sex of non-pregnant to the sex of pregnant woman, in any way they are the same. Just feel the nice sexual play.


Cleff42 - October 27

This is the play that the couple may make accomplishment to the will of God. But pregnant woman can have the other side during the sexual play. She may be on top of the world.


Elvie - November 7

I love to have sex. My husband and I still active about it even I'm very much pregnant. Yes, it's definitely a good substitute for exercise. Just imagine the lost calories when you will perform's a great sweat you will have.


lisa - November 7

Wow! it's nice to know your still active about it. Well, it's safe so..just continue and enjoy doing it lady!


life - November 7

Sex is a gift and pregnancy is indeed a blessing. So, yes, I definitely congratulate you Elvie, for your closeness together with your husband even now that you are pregnant.But just be careful and don't over do the action because too much of doing it will not give you any good okey.


Inyou - November 9

Having sex with my own husband, is my pleasure and it is one of my obligation as a wife, so even if I am pregnant I do it because this can adhesive our relationship, no fear in doing it, I love to do it.


tenderlove - November 9

why hold not to make love/sex it is pleasure in doing it with our own husband, it is not a forbidden act. Don't hold your feeling, go on in doing sexual play but love and care is required.


julesp - January 28

There is absolutely no problem with having sex during pregnancy, although sometimes it can be seen as a bit of a chore because you already feel so tired and sometimes because of your size, unattractive. My husband used to get more turned on than ever while I was pregnant, so I enjoyed the fact that he made me feel attractive still. Sex is also a good way to induce labor if you are overdue.



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