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Symptoms of Pregnancy
20 Replies
Elizbat - August 19

I m married and My cycles are very regular and I get my period every 28 days, but now one week has passed after a missed periods, Now days I m feeling mental fatigue and have nausea. I did pregnancy test about 2 days ago but it was negative.
Can I be pregnant? or can it be a late period due to stress or being tired??
All the help will be highly appreciated.



Ashleyscot - August 19

As soon as the mother conceives the baby, then fatigue, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms that a mother experienced in start of pregnancy. However, these are very common feelings and experiences and usually can be caused by other illnesses as well.
In your case, it can be just late period if you are sure about the exact date of your periods. A home pregnancy test can often show negative until one week has passed after a missed period.
I think you should wait for 2-3 days more and again go for test.

Good Luck!


Tesia - October 27

Their are lots of symptoms of of which I experience is the morning sickness and some kind of nausea and vomiting which really makes me feel sick.


Fanie - October 27

Symptoms of pregnancy can be considered also as normal changes every women could be experiencing during her pregnancy. In my case, i know I was already pregnant because I missed my monthly menstruation for almost 1 month already which I never had a delayed monthly visit before.


Delpha - October 27

yes,missing our period is a sure symptoms of pregnancy. In my part, I had this unusual cravings of foods which I haven't had before. I also eat a lot..but later I just vomit the foods I'm eating.That's the time I conclude already that I'm very much pregnant.


Honey - October 27

Yap, being pregnant takes a lot of changes in us..these changes can be symptoms of pregnancy. I before was thinking I was just not feeling well and probably I'm sick. But when my husband brought me to the health clinic and after some kind of check-up, i was later on told by the doctor that I was 2 months I'm pregnant already.


Fanie - October 27

Well, I'm glad you immediately went to have a health check-up. Good for were given the right information about what's happening to your body as early as possible.


Tesia - October 27

Yes, I'm also glad about's good for her actually that she got the right information ASAP. Others unfortunately had this self medication of themselves because they were just suffering some kind of illness than thinking it's just symptoms of pregnancy.


Meldy - October 27

Symptoms of pregnancy is something every women need to be aware of in order for us to detect whether we are we could not make any move that is quite not good for us and to our babies in the future.


Catherine - October 28

The symptoms of pregnancy to each pregnant woman are differ from each other and we can not exactly determine whether you are already pregnant or not.Have a pregnancy test.


Belen - October 28

Hello there! Don't worry. The symptoms of pregnancy is unusual feeling, not like the feelings we have before, 1st the feeling of dizziness,then discrimination of the things that can be the stimulus of using the sense of smell and the sense of taste, these are the factors mentioned of the many symptoms to be observed as studied by the researchers.


An2nina - October 28

Do you know the symptoms of pregnancy? For me as I observed myself since I got pregnant from my eldest down to my youngest,I have different symptoms.But the common of my symptoms is the dizziness during morning,..


Delia - October 28

pregnancy can be determine through symptoms, if the woman's menstrual cycle is delayed it is one of the symptoms, then she may experienced dizziness,next the breast is swelling and so many symptoms that can be felt by the woman.


Rowena - October 28

In my case I experience some feelings of hotness and coldness within my body,even if I fan myself but still it is so hot then in an hours,2 or 3 hrs. I feel coldness that I want to wear coats under the heat of the sun, unusual isn't it? but I adopt these feeling happily even if it is unusual, why? because what is in my stomach is a baby, and like to be loved and be understood.


Merna - October 28

How wonderful! if you are pregnant , then the symptoms can be learned through advises and through asking of questions from the reliable persons then and then you or the pregnant woman may know already that it is already a symptoms of pregnancy.Be glad and be happy to have it.


Ivyross - October 28

Common symptoms can be recognized instantly but sometimes it can't be mis interpreted by some it may or may not pregnant but as days go by , you can determined if you are already pregnant, but how about to take the advise of a doctor to make sure.


Sally - October 30

I know I'm pregnant because I had certain feelings about my body which I know that it's quite hard for me to explain. I missed my period, I vomit a lot and I always had nausea and i think these are all symptoms of pregnancy which made me and my husband so excited about..because were very much eager to have a baby already.



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