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Taboo And Superstitions On Food
30 Replies
Rachell - August 25

What's the truth behind taboo and superstitions on food during pregnancy?


Eurice - August 25

In some cultures, it is common practice for pregnant women to consume traditional tonics and herbs prepared by their elders. Certain herbal teas and herbal preparations may contain toxic substances, which could be harmful to the fetus. Consult your doctor if in doubt.


Marilyn - August 27

Some women in certain cultures avoid "taboo foods" including certain fruits, vegetables, sea foods and spices while pregnant. Although there is a lack of scientific proof for some of these beliefs, you may still choose to abstain from eating these kinds of foods.


Rita - August 29

It is a common practice handed from our elders. We must be aware of what is the right move to do so.
It might be good if it is for external medication but if it is for internal we have first consult the doctor.


mercury - September 5

I don't have negative feelings on any kinds of food as long as it has vitamins and nutrients good for my pregnancy. As i was able to read this forum, it made me think that some of you agree with such superstitions on food. But if you would asked me, there's no truth to that. And i don't believe even if it comes from such certain culture practices if there is no scientific explanation about it, sorry but it's hard for me to agree.


fretz - September 5

Yeah! I guess, mercury is right. For me, I'm also pregnant. But any superstitious beliefs especially when it comes to food. To see is to believe matters to me first. As long as i don't eat foods that's not right for my baby, I don't have anything to worry about. I love to eat and not any taboo or superstitions on food could stop me eating my favorites.


yvonne - September 6

Superstitious beliefs comes from our ancestors and was handed to us and i guess, it will still remain until the future generations. For me, there's nothing wrong if we just listen to some of their advices. Especially on choosing the food we need to eat during pregnancy. Though they don't gives us scientific facts, but there's also many instances that makes their superstitious beliefs proved to be true.


Georgia - September 6

I just want to comment on yvonne's. I respect our ancestors superstitious beliefs. But as for me, I think we are also entitled to our own beliefs right.If we believe in the power of God. How God gives us this gift to be able to create life.Then we must have deeper faith in everything. And stop thinking about bad things that would happen if we eat this or that. Just concentrate on doing what your doctor advices you to do. Avoid superstitious beliefs coz it will cause you more harm than good.


marilyn - September 6

Yes, I agree. And as I've said before, if you're in doubt about the effects on the food you are eating to the baby inside your womb, then consult your doctor. Not people who are experts only in giving superstitious beliefs. Which instead of giving you assurance add more worries on your part. So, get the proper opinion k.


mitch - September 18

I eat a lot..That's my favorite hobby actually. For me all foods are very yummy! So if i can afford it, I eat it.he!he! Who cares about superstitious beliefs. hello? We're now 2009.So,those beliefs should be forgotten. It's of no use at this time folks! Sorry..


louleth - September 25

Eating fruits and vegetables,may make the baby healthy and strong then why we afraid of eating some kinds of food from it.Some people would say don't eat the doubled banana because you might deliver a twin baby, don't eat pumpkin because your baby's face became as wide as the shape of the pumpkin.and so many don'ts.


tenten - September 25

there are plenty of foods that can give the pregnant woman strong and healthy, and so also to the baby inside the womb.we must be aware that there are foods which can make the pregnant alert and lively, don't panic if you've eaten those kind of foods,put it it in your mind that fruits and vegetables are all nutritious.


Piper - September 26

Oh no! I don't believe this. There is no scientific basis to this belief. I'm pregnant, And I know that pregnant women usually have specific cravings during the first 3 months of pregnancy and for me, it's just normal.


Tin-tin - September 26

Yeah, it's just a superstitious belief. Every pregnant women has it's own different foods to crave for. But what we crave for does not give our baby any bad effects as long as we craved for the foods that's right and safe for a pregnant women to eat.


Yhol - September 26

Well, I'm not scared if i crave for unusual object or foods during my pregnancy. because i believe that this will definitely have no effect on the physical appearance on my baby.Taboo and superstitious on foods are merely false beliefs.


Ashley - October 10

Taboo and superstitious on food is no truth i tell you. We shouldn't don't believe it's such a nonsense.


Trinidad - October 15

in some instances,there are clans who have their own traditions that should be followed by generation to generation, take for instance if the woman in their clan got pregnant, her elders should prepared food for her to eat so that in her pregnancy she would not experience any hassles in times of pregnancy and could deliver a healthy baby.These traditions have no medical reasons.



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