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Taboo And Superstitions On Food
30 Replies
Trinidad - October 15

in some instances,there are clans who have their own traditions that should be followed by generation to generation, take for instance if the woman in their clan got pregnant, her elders should prepared food for her to eat so that in her pregnancy she would not experience any hassles in times of pregnancy and could deliver a healthy baby.These traditions have no medical reasons.


polengrains - October 15

I think we have to open our eyes of which we have to follow or not to the traditional work of our clan, we have our own mind and we can weigh which is which to be followed,as a matter of fact only God can gives us goodness.


watrowen - October 15

Yes, I thought before that it is an action that should not be question because of the acquired talents of our elders but as the years pass by and we have our own technology nowadays, we can question this kind of tradition,why should I do that , why should not to do that!It needs a deeper understanding.


Chelly - October 15

Do you think it is the right things to do then follow it but if you think it is not the right things to do then do not follow, your the one who can make judgement to your self, be observant and do the right things intelligently.


tourist - October 15

you know there are traditional works that can have great evidence that can give good results, even if there's no medical explanations,since our elders have an experience in there younger days and they can have it because of trying and observing the effects of what they have been done.
we know now that this kind of food can be eaten and those foods can not because of them.


Faye - October 16

I eat what I want to eat. Who cares for such superstitious belief, by the way?


Uniss - October 16

I think taboo ans superstitious on food serves like a warning for all of us pregnant mothers to be careful on choosing the food we eat. There's no harm if we will just follow and believe.


Kayle - October 16

Yes,and I think you are entitled to your own opinion. But does we deserve to eat what we want to eat? We are pregnant and pregnant mothers craved different kinds of food to eat, right?


brenda - November 7

I really don't believe in taboo and superstitious on foods. I eat what i want to eat as long as I know it doesn't have any side effects to my condition being pregnant.


kay - November 7

Hey, we are now in the modern generation who cares about it anymore.


loly - November 7

Yap, we're already in the modern days i agree. But don't you think those superstitious on foods can still be applicable now a days? I just need to be careful and I'm protecting my baby regarding this matter. What if it's true?


ashley - November 7

What if it's true? Then, sorry I have said it before and I would said it again. It's really not true and it's just a nonsense.Sorry..


lilia - November 7

Yes, if we believe and have faith in God. We should avoid believing in no proof belief. Especially in foods..foods as long as it's good foods it's a blessing to be eaten and not meant to be cursed.


gigi - November 7

That's right, every foods no matter what color,texture they may have as long as it can provide vitamins and nutrients for my baby and me..I would love to eat it. I don't care about those superstitious beliefs that surrounds it.


fionah - November 7

HI, I'm glad to have this forum because we're able to share our different points and opinions regarding some matters. Whether we agree or not, what we have is only a friendly and sport discussion and nothing is too personal.



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