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The unwanted side effects of pregnancy
36 Replies
Jessie - November 10

I have an unwanted side effects of pregnancy, my hairs are falling and I'm afraid if I would become a bald.
Please help!


Charissa - November 10

Pregnancy is a blessing from God, and we can not imagined how God made this things to humans and we are very thankful for this gift from Him, but we have to face the reality that we could be able to experience the side effects of these gifts, the pregnancy, because our body parts may have changes then we can also experience effects from it.


Sherly - November 10

When we say unwanted meaning to say we don't like this effects and it cause us an alarming, right! But it may not be called an alarming if we are aware that in every changes one can experience changes of feelings, and it might be misinterpreted that it is unwanted side effects, but be calm when it comes.


Marcia - November 10

My the good Lord be with us always! If ever there's the unwanted side effects that may crop up on our way we must be strong and ask God for His help.


Prayallways - November 11

How can I handle this side effects of pregnancy? It is easy, just think positive and be careful in every thing we are going to do.God bless us all!


Family852 - November 11

I am pregnant at this moment , please give me an assurance of handling this baby inside my tummy is not fearful and the side effects is bearable to me, a first timer pregnant.
Thank you and more power to all.


Ilikeyou - November 11

No, don't think any negative effects, you must thankful that you become pregnant, other women are having novenas every day so the good Lord would hear their prayers, in their prayer of asking a gift of conception, no one can grant this except our Heavenly Father.
You can pass this way happily even if there's a side effects it can not stay longer, Have faith in God always!


Vegetarian - November 11

I have an unwanted side effects during my 1st trimester, I can't hold myself to chill even if it was noontime I don't know why it was happened, but it was just last 5mins. or 6mins. then it calm down, as if nothing happen.To this date I've no longer experience that kind of weird illness, it just vanished...without asking permission.


Kind - November 12

i don't experience any side effects of my present pregnancy ,hopefully It won't happen to me.


Sweetness - November 12

My side effects at this moments is the feeling of hotness, that I always change my clothes every time it gets wet.


Loviliness - November 12

How come that the side effects of pregnancy may called unwanted?
Yes, it is unwanted because it may cause hasslements to the pregnant woman.


Weather7 - November 12

What we are going to do if ever I may experience the side effects.As for now I don't have any.


PearlyShell - November 12

As the pregnant woman who is not bothered by some unwanted side effects , it is natural, "for them, it is natural".
It is not called as unwanted side effects, by them.


IdolikeU - November 12

How to distinguish that it is unwanted? Oh! we may not like the unwanted side effects but if it must be done in accordance to the will of God , then we must do it in a happy mood.


Friends in Love - November 12

take note of some unusual behavior,like craving of some particular foods,irritable and many kinds of side effects, so it may not prolonged the agony of the side effects of pregnancy.


Nathy - November 14

Pregnancy has many effects but there are unwanted side effects that may crop up at any time, one which I experienced now a days the sexual desire of which can not be controlled, but even if it is unwanted i've been thankful since my husband is always at my side and it occurs during the night.



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