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The unwanted side effects of pregnancy
36 Replies
Nathy - November 14

Pregnancy has many effects but there are unwanted side effects that may crop up at any time, one which I experienced now a days the sexual desire of which can not be controlled, but even if it is unwanted i've been thankful since my husband is always at my side and it occurs during the night.


Jilina - November 14

Nathy, your side effects is weird of course,and yes, thanks God that your husband is always there for you, my side effects is only a dark spots at my neck as if I've not been take a bath for so many days, it has been noticed since in my two months pregnancy I'm in my five months already, hoping it will vanished because I'm shy to wear a dress without collar.


Haxine - November 14

Yes there are unwanted side effects, I am with this idea because I've experienced this during my 1st trimester of my pregnancy, I feel in a reversed of a climate experienced if it is hot, I felt cold,If is cold I felt hot, I didn't know what to do at that time but my cousin told me not to be panic because it will vanished after 5months and so it happened.


jukit - November 14

May we protest this unwanted side effects, is it not unfair, why only few have experienced this unwanted side effects? Joke only!!
We all know that we can not pinpoint that this would be my side effects and I don't want that kind of side effects, so whatever it is we just face the consequences as it comes.


norien - November 14

No one can question of the works of God, it is His will that we can have this experienced, but we just pray to Him that He won't give anything that we could not be able to bear, it is up to Him, but we must pray to Him always to be at our side every time we can have this unwanted side effects of pregnancy.


julesp - January 27

One of the most unpleasant side effects I suffered with both of my pregnancies was going right off coffee, which normally I love. That and feeling sick a lot of the time.



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