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Things You Don't Expect When Your Expecting
20 Replies
Candice - August 30

How incredibly difficult it is to commute with the equivalent of a small sack of rice attached to your body. So until the child experts release any official findings on how to handle these situations, we have to find our solutions elsewhere- or create your own pregnancy tactics.


Allana - August 30

The peculiar nature of belly pats is that by the time you realize whats happening, it's already happened.You can however, prevent unwanted belly pats with the Tummy Swaddle: place one arm across your tummy, fingers splayed. Since most people who want to touch your stomach will feel uncomfortable touching your hand. It is subtle way of protecting your space without creating a scene.


Jizzenne - August 30

If there are any remaining knights in shining armor, they aren't the commuters-strong,able-bodied men who can easily survive the rigors of standing up for freaking 15 minutes-will refuse to give up their seats, even if you are in the final stages of labor.


Alexine - August 30

What can we do? Glaring at them won't work; they'll just look away. Just be clumsy as possible. Pregnant women have poor centers of gravity, right? It's not our fault if the sudden starts and stops makes us step on their shoes right? if that doesn't work, then you can just sit on them.


Mariz - August 30

Sometimes people can also be stupid. Like for example my colleague who goes up to me and says, " Oh what's happening? You're too fat already!" Duh, I'm pregnant; I'm supposed to get bigger!


Eleonor - August 30

Yes, sometimes people are also insensitive."You're so ugly! Maybe it's a boy". How the heck are you supposed to respond to that? Sometimes you just don't have the energy to deal with them. Just ignore them.


Mycah - August 30

Pregnancy was a flashback of my toddler years- suddenly, almost every sentence I heard had the word "don't" attached to it; don't sit that way, don't eat that food.Some also inserted superstitious beliefs.


Lenie - October 28

Well, its funny because some people when they know you are pregnant, they would treat you like you become a baby again, who don't know everything.


hazel - October 28

I think it's just showing their concerned to you and to your baby. If I were you I should be thankful and just appreciate every kindness shown to me.


Cheryl - October 28

Yes, I'll be happy also if lots of people shows their concerned and love to me. I will be more bothered if many people would just treat me as if I'm just a nobody.


Percy - October 28

Yes, we pregnant women needs to be taking care of especially with our husband, family and friends. What i don't expect is when my husband just take me for granted and my family and friends would ignore my needs and wants during pregnancy.


Allex - October 28

At the bus, I hold two plastic bags in one arm while the other arm gripping the rail of the bus while standing, a man in his thirties is sitting right where I stand, visually I am pregnant but no one offered me a seat, what is the matter of this world that the attitude is deteriorating, but maybe we are in the generation of survival.


Xander - October 28

Because of physically figure of the pregnant woman a tricycle driver, who was called by a pregnant woman, was
stop in front her, then with a sarcastic sound asked of how many are they,.. the pregnant women look at her back ,as if looking for another person but the driver said ,for you alone you must pay your fare doubled.


Maylie - October 28

One month to go its my delivery time of my precious jewel of marriage , while I was walking in a sidewalk, a man instantly rub my tummy with his lotto tickets and then he smiled at me then he went away. I did not expect that incident, on the following day, there at that place a smiling man who rub my tummy on the other day, informing me that he was won the lotto, A coincidence!!!


Kieth - October 28

you don't expect that other people may make some move that can make you puzzled why he has done this to you. only then that you may shock of their unexpected actions.


Reve - October 28

In a gatherings the people around , can't hold to touch my tummy, at first you just ignore them but as it goes on and on you may feel angry with them , but only withhold yourself so not to hurt them.


Anrol - October 28

there was a time while I was fall in line to withdraw money from an ATM, I was pregnant at that time,I was the next to withdraw after the long time to wait by a line procedure when a big body built man in a matured age in an instant, block infront of my place in order to withdraw,unmindful of my situation of being pregnant he hurriedly did the things he wanted to do.
Yes,that was the things you don't expect when your expecting.



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