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type of clothes that mothers-to-be wanted to wear
32 Replies
wewea - September 4

hello everybody! i want to share with you what i know about the type of clothes that mothers-to-be wanted to wear. the woman in her pregnancy must wear is a black skirt and a loose blouse. garter black pants, so that if there's a witch, he/she can not see the fetus inside the womb of the mother.


vivace - September 4

garter pants and loose blouse is so popular for the pregnant woman but it is so intriguing why a specific color black is mentioned.


Leni - September 4

of course when the woman got pregnant her stomach would expand and she would choose a clothes which makes her comfortable in all her ways.


Rosjean - September 4

hi! i am with vivace, i am also intrigue why a pregnant woman needs to wear black pants and black underwear. i heard this from a is been told that there's no harm in trying but we need to know the real reason,isn't it?


dionie tah - September 4

allow me to participate this wholesome forum. For some, clothes to wear for pregnant woman is very important. I belong to them. even if i am pregnant i want my personality visually impact to the crowd ( but it doesn't mean that i would wear a scandalized clothes)a personality that can encouraged others to become pregnant,that they love to look at me with respect.


Andrey - September 4

wow, how nice of you,dionie tah,I appreciate the way you handle your personality.your comments alleviate my ego.I must follow your footstep.I want to be a fashionable pregnant woman.I have this thoughts before but I just withhold for I think it is not right.Thanks again!


jerette - September 4

good day! when i read this forum i can not hold my self but to take active to join you all. it is a nice know,i am also pregnant now a days and to think of my self i always look at myself to the mirror, then i would ask myself, do i look good? it is important to me the way i look that my husband would say, just always bring the mirror with you.then i just smile to him and hug him.


matet - September 5

hi guys!it's nice to have this kind of forum. well, know what? m presently on my 4th months of pregnancy. I have my own kind of fashion when it comes to choosing my pregnancy clothes..I don't like to wear very lose blouses and i don't like the color black. I really like to wear colorful and fitting blouses. I also wear shorts and i don't like to wear pants. I like the feeling of being sexy even if you are already preggy.


whena - September 18

Being pregnant and still be willing to look and feel good is good. For me, I wear clothes that I find myself comfortable. It it fits, then i wear it.


hope - September 18

Yeah, I agree. If you feel you look good wearing it then have it.There is no specification on what type of clothes a pregnant mother should wear nowadays. That you need to wear the prescribed maternity dress..There are new styles of clothes now that fits even for pregnant mothers.Just make sure you'll always be at your best!!


jam100 - September 18

Yap! We are now in the modern world. Fashion now, is open even for us expecting mothers. Gone were the days that a pregnant women should only wear dusters or lousy kind of dresses. In our situation, we need to look good, be sexy yet,respected and be more admired by people especially by our husband of course.


Ammy - September 18

What a wonderful feeling it is to be admired by everybody even if you already have huge tummy!! So, stay updated on the latest pregnancy fashion!!


Rosemarie - October 2

My! I'm very much into fashion even I'm very much preggy. But of course, I make it a point that when i mean preggy fashion, it's really a fashionable dress fitted for pregnant mother like me.I like to dress sexy also but in appropriately- my style is in good taste-and I always gain admiration from everybody aspecially my lovey dovey husband.


Jodah - October 2

As for me, I'm very much particular of the clothes I'm wearing.I'm very much picky about the types of clothes before and much more now that I'm pregnant.I still want to look good about myself. Being comfortable on the pregnancy dress I'm wearing means a lot to me.


Sasha - October 2

As long as I know I'm comfortable about what I'm wearing It's already enough of me. I'm into different types of clothes. but of course modestly wise types of dress still at the top of my list.


Jagen - October 10

The type of clothes that a pregnant woman should wear are those which are looser than the body of the handler,moreover it is fashionable.


King - October 10

Do you want to become a fashionable pregnant woman? Be observant. If you want to look girlie you may choose color pink and looser than usual and if you want to look boyish you may choose color blue blouse.It is just my suggestion.



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