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type of clothes that mothers-to-be wanted to wear
32 Replies
King - October 10

Do you want to become a fashionable pregnant woman? Be observant. If you want to look girlie you may choose color pink and looser than usual and if you want to look boyish you may choose color blue blouse.It is just my suggestion.


Connie - October 10

Believe it or not but it is true happenings in my life, an incident came in of which I could not forget,I wore a blouse which was short that my tummy was visible to those onlookers(that was for fashion purposes)A woman whom I met looked intently to my tummy and an instinct act since I felt something itchy in my tummy I touch it and felt that there's like a thread and then, since I always brought with me a sharp scissors,I cut it and then a loud cry of pain behind me,but the woman I met, I saw in her mouth blood coming out from her tongue as if it was a newly cut, of which I done a while before.


Cheery - October 10

I have notice a pregnant woman who wore a maternity dress with a big printed flowers, she looks 2x bigger than her normal size, for me it was not appropriate for her, those,big printed clothes. The correct clothes is to wear a light color blouses.with a bigger sizes.


Edes - October 10

Loose blouse and a garter type of pants is fitted to the pregnant woman to be wear of. During this period one must not go to the trend of non pregnant woman. Wait for the exact timing of what to wear.


MYrna - October 10

Were now in the modern generation. Every pregnant mothers I've seen dressed according to new fashion trends to make them look stunning and presentable always.Maternity dress with a style is also what I want to wear for myself.


Leslie - October 24

I love to fashion and highlighted my pregnancy clothes with different colorful laces. Well, I guess it's because my baby is a girl.he!he! I already had my ultra sound result and it's indeed a girl. That's the reason probably that I'm very fashionable even I'm 8 months pregnant.


Evon - October 24

In my case, I also love to style. But of course I make sure the pregnancy dress I would wear should be comfortable enough for me and for the others to see. Some pregnancy dress we had now is so awkward and the pregnant mother who wears it would turn out to be funny in the eyes of others.


Wely - October 26

I would describe myself as a pregnant mother with a lot of fashion sense! i wear pregnancy dress different from the others. I love to be creative and i like to mix and match..that's why it seems to the others that I'm wearing different kinds of clothes each day but actually it's not.


Hansel - October 26

Hello! I like to dress up also but my problem is, i don't like the result.Now that I'm pregnant it seems that no pregnancy clothes really fits for me to wear. I admire other pregnant women who still looks fabulous even with big tummys but i hate to think that the new pregnancy fashion really is not for me.


karren - October 26

I don't believe no pregnancy clothes fits for you. You just have to accept that being pregnant, really is so hard to get and look attractive. But just don't give up. Just try and always be positive.


Febie - October 26

Yes, just always be positive to be able to look good and feel good it start from within. Just see..will be able to find yourself attractive even you are pregnant. Just be always be comfortable in any pregnancy clothes okey.


jonah - November 5

I used to be a stylish person. But now that I'm pregnant. I can't create my own style anymore. My fashion sense become dull and I'm very shy to wear any kinds of pregnancy dress. My big tummy reveal that I'm no longer sexy and it just show my ugliness. I hate it.


beth - November 5

I'm glad you were able to share your thoughts about being not stylish now that you are already pregnant.It's okey and it's normal for us pregnant woman to be not liking ourselves at first. But you need to overcome your inferiority complex and be able to embrace the new beauty you have within.


gina - November 5

That's tight! You can still look great even your pregnant. You can still mix and match your pregnancy dress and still become a head turner or what we call a better dresser just have the confidence.


ivy - November 5

I prefer maternity clothes that make me look smart and of course sexy also. I'm also shy about my big stomach and i hide it under loose clothes. I also think that my arms are very flabby now that I'm pregnant. I love to wear also tube top because it's very modern and somehow makes me become a little more daring and sexy.


chona - November 5

Myself, I want to feel adventurous enough to wear modern pregnancy clothes also. I definitely want to look younger and pretty even I'm pregnant. My being pregnant challenges me to still look good and feel good about myself.



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