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Vaginal Warts
17 Replies
Arrah - August 26

Hi. Can you please tell me what is vaginal warts? What will happen to the pregnant mothers infected in this kind of virus? Your answer regarding this matter is very much appreciated. God bless.


Kristine - August 27

Hi there! Women infected with vaginal warts may have difficulties in giving birth since the lesions may decrease the elasticity of the vagina or cause obstruction during delivery. This is especially true of the warts at large. In rare cases, infants born to infected mothers may develop warts in the throat. This can cause difficulties in breathing or infant respiratory distress.


daffodil - September 18

I I'm afraid i have this kind of warts. I hope i could protect my baby from any effects that causes this kind of diseases.


kris - September 18

Just consult your doctor and tell her about your problem with this vaginal warts before it's not too late.


daffodil - September 18

Not all of us are aware about the harmful effects of this vaginal warts to us pregnant mothers especially to the baby we are carrying. Yes, I would definitely consult my doctor about this and ask for proper information on what to avoid any problem in the future. thanks so much!!


Arrah - September 18

I'm happy to have this forum, I have asked about this before..glad to know you're also sharing some of your point of view regarding this matter. Hope I could have more sharing of thoughts from you..God bless!


vinyl - September 20

vaginal warts may cause infection to the baby but don't get scared about this because it may not harm the baby, there's an incident the mother give birth a healthy baby even if she has a vaginal warts.


steph - September 20

Vaginal warts can cause harm to the baby and so also to the mother so it is better not to disregards this matter consult to an obe-gyne so it must be cured as early as possible, this physician is especializing this kind of disease, don't hesitate to go to them so your mind be at peace.


vicki - September 20

Consult a physician about this disease it is good the one who is specializing this. it is said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so my advise is not to taken for granted this matter.


cookie - October 8

Good day! As far as I know, warts are small, flesh-colored and it's like a bumps on the skin. It's terrible for a pregnant women to have vaginal warts. I have known it as a frog urine comes in contact with the skin.


NIzha - October 8

I think that's only a myth. There's no truth about it. You know vaginal warts are actually caused by a virus, known as Human Pappillomavirus (HPV). Not that it's a frog urine.he!he!


Vicky - October 8

Hi! I think, I have a warts it grows in my vaginal area. I'm ashamed to have this especially that I'm pregnant. Can it become a serious illness like cancer, if i will not treat this?


Jesha - October 8

Well Vicky, yes. Honestly, It might become a cancer if it's not treated immediately. Now that you're pregnant it's better for you to consult a doctor as to prevent development of more complications to your baby also, okey.


Girly - October 8

I also had vaginal warts before but luckly, through prayers and faith in God, it disappear without me having any touble going to the doctor or any treatment with it. So, for you Vicky, just don't worry. It's not that bad as you think.


Jesha - October 8

I think there's no problem if Vicky will just consult a doctor about her vaginal warts. consulting a doctor for some kind of deseases that bothers you is not a sign of lack of faith but i think just doing proper action especially now that she's pregnant. Prayer and action must go together,that's my opinion.


Tarah - October 31

Vaginal warts is a kind of disease many of us pregnant mothers are not really that aware of. So, awareness to this kind of virus should also be a topic to be taken during prenatal lecture,since this also gives bad effects to our unborn babies and in order for us to be given also some ways on how we could prevent this.


Wellie - October 31

Yes, i do agree because a vaginal warts is a very serious and harmful virus that need not be taken for granted.



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